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Football Recruiting
Sunday Recruiting Rundown Nov. 24
By Michael Chung

This weekend will go a long way in determining the outcome of the 2014 recruiting class. To begin, Chad Mavety came to Columbus on his official visit and there should be a decision soon afterwards, in about two weeks or there abouts. Trevion Thompson also came out of nowhere to make his official visit.

The Glenville three of—Marcelys Jones, Marshon Lattimore, and Erick Smith— graced the steps of Sabanville. Did Nick steal these three from the Buckeyes like he did De’shawn Hand from Brady Hoke? I tried to reach one of them but they are still on their visit as of 4pm Sunday EST and were not doing interviews that day. I will try to reach them tomorrow and see if there is any update.

While the 2014 recruiting season is beginning to wind down with only Chad Mavety on campus for the 2014 class, there were a slew of 2015 prospects scheduled to visit Ohio State along with one prospect for 2016: ATH Jordan Overton, and 2017:Danny Clark—were also scheduled to visit. Here is this weeks rundown.

Chad Mavety (6’6” 320, OL, 2014, Garden City, NY)
I did get to chat with Mavety after his visit and he indicated to me that a final decision should come within two weeks. He has not announced a specific date but it sounds like he has seen all he needs to see and is just taking time to mull over a final decision. He was hosted by Ryan Shazier and Chase Farris. Mavety and Shazier have formed a strong bond, Mavety referring to him as “his boy.” Mavety is well aware that Shazier could be going pro next year but it did not seem to be a deterrent for him. Mavety mentioned that it is between Florida State and Ohio State. His really close friend is at FSU but he mentioned to me that it was not necessarily an advantage to FSU, that he has to do what is best for him and if that is the Buckeyes, he will choose them. Meyer was hoping for a commitment but did mention to Mavety to take his time and make the best decision. Nothing to tipped me off where he would commit. Mavety came to campus on crutches from an injury, but told me this did not hamper his visit. From all else I could gather, it sounded like his visit went really well.

Raekwon McMillan (6’3” 235, LB, 2014 Hinesville, GA)
McMillan was in Clemson this weekend and there should be a decision coming soon. At this point, no one really knows where McMillan will end up but until I hear a report that McMillan has moved Ohio State out of the leaders position, I am still predicting he becomes Buckeye. Much has been made of McMillan staying closer to home but neither Clemson nor Alabama are “right around the corner” for him. I do not think Alabama is a serious option with Reuben Foster already committed there and having at least two more years of eligibility. Ohio State has great need at LB and McMillan could see the field early at OSU if he works hard. Much has been made about his relationship with Urban Meyer but he is also friends with many in the 2014 class, one being Dante Booker. The two talked about playing together as early as Friday Night Lights 2012. This is the week that will make or break McMillan to Ohio State and if he suddenly says Ohio State has moved down, then it is cause for panic, but in this instance, “no news is good news.”

Johnnie Dixon (6’0” 175 WR, 2014 West Palm Beach, FL)
Dixon informed me that he is deciding on the 8th of December. This has changed from a Nov 30th date, which then was changed to a Dec. 7th dates but he says Dec. 8 is the date. This does not bode well for the Buckeyes. Usually, when prospects set an announcement date close to the end of their recruitment, it means a school is firmly entrenched. Switching decision dates usually indicates a change of heart. Dixon told me he was “high” on the Buckeyes but that was when he was announcing Nov. 30, and now he has changed the date. If OSU was once in the lead, that bodes poorly for the Buckeyes. If OSU was not in the lead, this helps OSU’s cause to gain Dixon’s verbal commitment. It sounds like NC State is a significant player for Dixon now which is one of the reasons he has moved back his decision date, to give him more time. If he wants Ohio State, the Buckeyes will take him, even if Trevion Thompson commits, but there is a strong possibility that this years class will not have a Florida commit in it.

Quenton Nelson (6’5” 295, OL, 2014, Red Bank, NJ)
What once was a possible flip from Notre Dame to OSU, a la Taylor Decker, now appears dead in the water. Nelson communicated to me that Ohio State had contacted him and that if he changed his mind, OSU would take him. There was some interest in the summer following The Opening but Nelson informed me that he is 100% committed to Notre Dame (but Decker said similar things before he flipped). He did say that OSU coaches have tried to reach him the last few weeks but he does not pick up their calls.

Trevion Thompson (6’2” 185 WR, 2014, Durham, NC)
Months ago, Thompson had Ohio State in his top 3 along with Clemson and the Florida Gators but now it looks like Clemson and North Carolina are the schools to beat. He visited Ohio State already for the Penn State game and was back on campus this weekend for an official. His twitter indicated that he had a great time. With Lonnie Johnson out, there is extra space for a WR/ATH type player and should Thompson say yes to Ohio State, it would negate Johnson’s de-commitment while still leaving room for Johnnie Dixon. Most do not expect Thompson to Ohio but if anyone can get Trevion to trek to Columbus, it is Urban Meyer.

 Kieffer Longson (6’7” 290 OL, 2015 San Ramon, CA)
Longson told me he has visited the BYU campus and came away not totally impressed. He seemed to feel BYU coaches were a little too confident and Longson told me by no means he is a lock to BYU and is open to other schools like Ohio State. He plans to do a Mormon mission for two years so he would not be ready to play until the 2017 season. He is a super nice kid who would be a great addition to 2017 if he decides to go Buckeye.

That is all for this week. Being Michigan week and the game in Ann Arbor, there may not be as much news but then Urban Meyer is at the helm so it is highly likely there will be news. We will have an installment of “The Mind of Meech,” an interview with 2015/2017 target OL Kieffer Longson and another addition of the “Scout vs NFL Buckeyes’ to gain a small sample of Scout’s predictive prowess. There is a lot this week at recruiting and there is also an important game this week too.

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