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Football Recruiting
Sunday Recruiting Rundown Dec. 29: Recruiting Rumblings and Dead Period
By Michael Chung

What does the “Recruiting Dead Period” mean? Ohio State and other Football Bowl Subdivision Schools are currently in this phase.  Before I describe to you what it is, I will first list the NCAA’s reason for implementing rules such as this:

NCAA member schools have adopted rules to create an equitable recruiting environment that promotes student-athlete well-being. The rules define who may be involved in the recruiting process, when recruiting may occur and the    conditions under which recruiting may be conducted. Recruiting rules seek, as   much as possible, to control intrusions into the lives of student-athletes.

The NCAA goes on to write:

The NCAA defines recruiting as “any solicitation of prospective student-athletes or their parents by an institutional staff member or by a representative of the      institution’s athletics interests for the purpose of securing a prospective student-athlete’s enrollment and ultimate participation in the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.”

Now that we know the heartbeat behind the NCAA and why they implement rules such as the “Recruiting Dead Period” we will now discuss what exactly this dead period is.

From Dec. 1 through February 1, 2014 Ohio State will be allowedSix in-person off-campus contacts per prospective student-athlete shall be permitted during this time period with not more than one permitted in any one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) or partial calendar week.”

But as of Dec. 16, Ohio State and other FBS schools are in the “Dead Period” which will last until January 15, 2014. This means no coaches will be present at high school football All Star games unlike last year. In essence, this is a period where coaches cannot have face-to-face contact: “During a dead period a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents, and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high schools. Coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period.”

So for the next two and a half weeks, the Buckeyes will be under this rule or face reprimand from the NCAA. But what will happen once January 15th rolls around? Jeremy Crabtree of ESPN writes, “coaches will flock to prospects’ schools and homes for visits with players, their coaches and most importantly their families.” But for now, there is radio silence until January 15. Afterwards, coaches will be traversing the country meeting with players, parents, and coaches to convince star athletes to come to their school, in this case Ohio State.

Other Recruiting Rumblings

There are some real “team players” in the 2014 class. My sources indicated that in order for Raekwon McMillan and/or Johnnie Dixon to enroll early, one original member of the 2014 class who was planning on early enrollment had to give up their spot and wait till Fall camp, which one did. The list prior to Raekwon and Dixon was: Stephen Collier, Kyle Trout, Curtis Samuel, Marcelys Jones, and Sean Nurenberger.  It will be interesting who not show up for spring practice.

Miles Joseph of Land-Grant Holy Land is reporting that Missouri OL Roderick Johnson will possibly visit Ohio State next month. Johnson's communication to me was “Idk (I don’t know).” Ohio State did not recruit Johnson hard earlier but if anyone can make up ground, it is Urban Meyer. I will be surprised if he even makes a visit, as the little communication I had with him did not seem to indicate a strong interest in OSU.

Rumors are swirling that 5-star DB out of Beaumont, TX Tony Brown is leaning OSU and could be a Buckeye come Jan. 2 at the Under Armour All Star Game.  I have called and texted Brown many times and was only able to reach him once, right after his Ohio State visit. In a very tired voice, he told me that he was considering Ohio State “big time.” But that was right after his visit and he was on the plane clearly tired from the weekend. He had not returned any communication since so I was led to believe he was all LSU, as it is only a few hours away from home. Brown to the Buckeyes would be a huge coup for Kerry Coombs and Urban Meyer.

I will be in San Antonio Monday and Tuesday evenings so tune into the-Ozone this week as I hope to get many in-depth interviews with recruiting targets and commits.

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