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Last updated: 09/04/2013 9:23 PM
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Football Recruiting
Two Braxtons Are Better Than One: Interview with Braxton Berrios
By Michael Chung

When you think of Raleigh, NC, the first sport that comes to mind is college basketball, but Urban Meyer will go to basketball, baseball, soccer, and Australian Rules football regions to get the best talent. Standing less than 6 feet tall but possessing over eight feet of heart, the Buckeyes are trying to lure Braxton Berrios out of basketball land into football country. Berrios possesses impressive stats; writes:

2011: Berrios had over 1,200 yards rushing, 400 passing, 550 receiving and 24 total touchdowns. Defensively, he had 34 tackles, five interceptions, and two fumble recoveries.
2012: As a junior, Berrios had 760 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. He rushed for 1,142 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Before the Buckeyes offered, schools like Clemson, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Miami, and West Virginia were leading the charge. He recently picked up an offer from Miami (Fl.) and according to Peter Ariz of, Berrios said "It's like getting the girl. You don't really care how you got her, all that matters is that you got her."

Berrios is a player-after-Meyer’s-own-heart. He wanted a real estate license for his 18th birthday to have a fall back plan. This demonstrates maturity beyond a normal 18 year old that can see the big picture of life. He also plays “quick toss tennis balls to develop his hand-eye coordination and runs routes so often that he can do them with his eyes closed.” (Daniel Uthman, USATODAY)

The Buckeyes already have one Braxton and would love to add another as they make a run at the title. Could this Braxton be catching passes from the other? Berrios took some time to update the-Ozone on his recruitment.

The-Ozone: You had a top five before coming to Friday Night Lights, were you pretty close to a decision?

No I was completely open coming into FNL and was waiting to see what happened this past summer.

The-Ozone: How has Ohio State’s offer impacted your decision-making?
OSU was a big offer for me and they cracked my top 5. They are completely in my mind as I try to narrow it down.

The-Ozone: What has Urban Meyer said to you in regards to your recruitment? Has he mentioned scholarship limitations at all?

Urban loves me; he has said it a few times. Hasn't mentioned much as far as scholarships limits go.

The-Ozone: What motivated you to drive almost 480 miles to Columbus, OH for FNLs? Was it just to receive an OSU offer?

Yeah I wanted that OSU offer and I wanted to go out and earn it.

The-Ozone: If you had to pick 3 schools that are standing out, which ones would they be?

I don't have a top 3 right now

The-Ozone: Since OSU came into your recruiting late, how are your relationships with the OSU coaches and commits compared to some of your other schools?

I have talked to Coach Smith for the longest time honestly, our relationship is one of the best I have, as well as with other recruits and commits to OSU.

The-Ozone: If you committed to OSU, what did Urban Meyer say your role would be?

Slot speed guy that can make things happen.

Quick Hitters

What is on your iPod? I listen to all types of music to be honest.
Favorite food? Steak and mashed potatoes.

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