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Football Recruiting
NY/NJ Pipeline Hoping to Flow in 2015: Interview with OL Steven Gonzalez
By Michael Chung

Ohio State has spent a lot of time in the NY/NJ area trying to lure as many of the top recruits in that area to Ohio as they can. Noah Brown from NJ and Curtis Samuel from NY have already flowed west to Columbus on the NY/NJ recruiting pipeline.

For 2014, the Buckeyes are still trying to add NY Juco OL Chad Mavety and NY defensive lineman Thomas Holley, but Urban Meyer is not stopping there. Meyer has already made three offers to NY/NJ players for 2014 and one of them is OL Steven Gonzalez out of Union City, NJ. Gonzalez is the epitome of the NY/NJ prospect as he lives from viewing distance of the Hudson River and could easily jog into NY State.

If his name sounds familiar, you are probably thinking of former OSU standout WR Anthony Gonzalez who later played with the Colts. Like Anthony, Steven is also Cuban, likes his Cuban food, and loves football.

In my opinion the Buckeyes are definitely behind Rutgersfor Gonzalez but a lot can change between now and National Signing Day 2015. Gonzalez took some time to update the-Ozone readers on his recruitment.

The-Ozone: How did you find out about your OSU offer?
Coach Warinner called me, messaged me on Facebook, and told me to call Tuesday; they said they would offer. Coach Pantonio told me that good news was coming soon; I sort of sensed it but sort of did not but was glad to get an offer.

The-Ozone: Have you talked to Urban Meyer? No, I have not talked to him yet.

The-Ozone: What are some schools that are standing out?
Rutgers, Alabama, FSU, Miami, Florida, Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan, and Oregon.

The-Ozone: Has Alabama offered?
No, they haven't, but they're recruiting hard.

The-Ozone: Are they (Alabama) calling? Facebooking? Mailing letters? How is Alabama recruiting you?
They're not calling but they're doing the rest, and a lot of schools are recruiting hard.

The-Ozone: Do you have a leader? 
I have Ohio State, Rutgers, South Carolina, and Louisville (a little bit) as the leaders out of the offers I have so far. Louisville has not shown much interest after they offered me Sept 1, they just offered and that is it. Rutgers has shown the most interest.

The-Ozone: Some think you will commit to Rutgers?
I think it would take a lot to overtake Rutgers right now but I am going to wait till I receive all my offers and then research the schools. I might wait till Signing day next year so I will take my time but Rutgers is an early leader.

The-Ozone: Which coaching staff have you developed the closest relationship with?
 I am closest to Rutgers but have great relationships with all the coaches. I also know coaches at Miami and Florida. I have a good relationship with Penn State and I have a good relationship with coach Warinner and Pantoni.

The-Ozone: Do you have the most friends at Rutgers? Would this be an advantage?
I know a couple of people there, I talk to a few players, it is an advantage but I really have not talked to too many of them

The-Ozone: Where would your mom like you to go to school? How big of a factor is distance?
My mom does not care too much; wherever I want to go is my decision. If I want to go to Oregon, she will support me. Before my father passed away a month ago he wanted me to go to Rutgers (Steven’s father passed of a heart attack). I was very close to my dad. Our family is fine; my mom is well with her job; we are all fine.

Quick Hitters:
Favorite food? Hard question, I like pasta and Spanish food rice, bean and chicken.
Favorite Movie? Scarface
Best Subject in School? History
Best cheese steak in NJ? I have no clue, I have been around, but I think Philly is better than Jersey as far as cheese steaks.
Favorite get away spot in NJ? I like to go with my older brother to the beach to play football and hangout.


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