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Last updated: 01/22/2014 3:17 PM
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Football Recruiting
Buckeyes Hoping to Add Kaleb Kim in 2015
By Michael Chung

What do players like Hines Ward, Tedy Bruschi, Eugene Chung, and Kaleb Kim have in common? If you said they all have some Asian descent and play football, you are correct.

When one thinks of Asian Americans and athletics, football is not a sport that comes to mind. Names like Ichiro Suzuki of baseball, Jeremy Lin of basketball, and Yao Ming come to mind. But rarely do the words Asian and football mix. Kaleb Kim is hoping to be in a growing number of Asian Americans that compete in football at the highest level.

People remember former Texas A&M linebacker Dat Nguyen, who had over 500 tackles at Texas A&M and later went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys before injury forced him to retire. OL Eugene Chung was the first round draft pick of the New England Patriots in 1992. Kaleb Kim is hoping to have just as an illustrious career. He is rated a four-star offensive lineman by Rivals.com. He has an OSU offer and visited for the Indiana game. He took time to give Ozone readers a little insight into his recruiting.

The-Ozone: How did you hear about your Ohio State offer?
I heard about the Ohio State offer when coach Herman contacted my coach (Jarvis) asking for me to call him.

The-Ozone: Which college or colleges did you grow up dreaming to attend? Why?
I never had a college team that I truly rooted for which makes the decision harder for me.

The-Ozone: Do you have a top 3 or 5?
I don't have a top 5 at this point but I'll be narrowing it down soon.

The-Ozone: Which coaching staff(s) have you developed the best relationship with?
I've talked to a lot of coaches and I like all of them so I don't have a better relationship with any coach more than the others if that makes sense.

The-Ozone: Is distance from home an issue? Do you want to play close to home?
Being close to home would be nice but I'm not limiting my options just to stay close by.

The-Ozone: As an Asian American, have you encountered any prejudice in football? If yes, how have you dealt with it?
Being part Asian doesn't really affect my relationship with my teammates. We are all family as generic as that may sound. As far as other people, I haven't experienced racism anymore than joking around.

Favorite food? I love my grandparents’ cooking. We eat at their house a lot.

Best Restaurant in Atlanta? There is a Korean buffet somewhere but not too sure of the name.

Family sports heritage? My dad played college football.

If your grandparents had their say, where would they want you to go to college? They would like me to go to a big named academic school like Duke (from whom he has an offer) and major in something like pre-med.

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