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Joe Burrow Cleared, Decision on Backup Looms

Leaving spring camp, Urban Meyer said the backup quarterback race between Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins was too close to call. In the next couple of days, however, that call is finally going to have to be made. Meyer was let off the hook when Burrow broke his hand in fall camp, which allowed Haskins to proceed as J.T. Barrett’s…

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Live Updates from the Sept. 14 Urban Meyer Show

Urban Meyer’s weekly show on the Ohio State IMG Radio Network takes place this Thursday around noon. We will have live updates once the show gets under way shortly. Expect Meyer to provide updates on injuries, such as quarterback Joe Burrow and running back Demario McCall. Meyer will also look forward to this week’s opponent, Army.

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What About Ohio State’s Tenth Unit?

One of the most common phrases and battle cries of the Urban Meyer Era is the term, “Nine Units Strong”. This of course refers to each position on the field: defensive linemen, offensive linemen, running backs, corners, safeties, linebackers, quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. This term emphasizes the goal of being…

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31-16 is Worse Than 31-0 and Here’s Why

The Buckeyes were 16 points better against Oklahoma than they were two games ago against Clemson, but do you feel 16 points better about it? You shouldn’t, because losing 31-16 to Oklahoma is worse than losing 31-0 to Clemson. When the Buckeyes lost to Clemson, Urban Meyer knew what the problem was and he took…