5 Days to Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Five Days To Ohio State Football*

Ninety-six down, five to go. We’re actually going to do this thing. There are now just five or so days to go until the end of the Big Ten Media Days and the start of Ohio State football talk! (Because we haven’t been talking about it every day since 1989.) Taking part in today’s countdown is the Wolverine Killer, a test for the…

Six Days to Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Six Days To Ohio State Football*

You know how Forrest Gump one day just started running and didn’t stop because he just wanted to run? I’m starting to understand him on an elemental level because I just want to be countdowning. I’m not sure I’m going to stop after we hit our ending. Then one day after countdowning from Alabama to San Francisco, I’m…

Jordan Fuller Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Free or Strong, Buckeye Safeties Have to Cover

Despite the rules essentially being the same for decades upon decades, football is constantly changing. As offenses advance in creativity, defenses must find ways to cope and keep up. The spread offense in all of its various forms continues to change things and force defenses to devise ways to stop all of the spread’s variances.


Seven Days To Ohio State Football *

This is the 94th in a series of 100 daily posts, a Countdown to College Football. (Sort of.) One week from today, Big Ten Media Days will be done and the unofficial start of college football season will be here. More importantly, this countdown will also be over. It started during a more innocent time, right after the OSU Spring Game. Joe Burrow was still a Buckeye (more on him…