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If You Are Younger Than 94 Years Old, Then Ohio State Has a Winning Record Over Michigan in Your Lifetime

Ohio State and Michigan Tussle

Being an Ohio State or a Michigan fan, you know that the Wolverines own the advantage in this rivalry. It’s not the advantage that it once was, but it’s still an advantage.

Michigan leads the series — which began in 1897 — with a record of 58-47-6 against the Buckeyes.

The Buckeyes didn’t get a win in the series until their 16th attempt, putting them well behind the eight ball with an 0-13-2 start to the rivalry. After 24 games, Ohio State was saddled with a 3-19-2 mark.

Since then, however, things have turned around a bit. The Buckeyes have won 44 of the last 87 games between the two, while the Wolverines have won 39. The four ties since 1928 left both fanbases without proper bragging rights, though that likely did not stop a single ounce of any bragging.

While Michigan does own the overall advantage, most people alive to talk about it have never seen a Wolverine advantage in their lifetimes.

You see, 99.9% of the people alive on this planet — and that’s a real number — have seen more Ohio State wins than Michigan wins.

In fact, you’d have to be 94 years old to have enjoyed — or suffered through — an overall lead by Michigan in your lifetime (45-44 Michigan). If you’re 95 years old, however, the series is tied at 45-45.

If you’re not 94 years old and you still want to enjoy having Michigan with an advantage over Ohio State in your lifetime, you better be 105 years old or older, because that’s the only way it’s happening.

Oh, and if the Buckeyes win on Saturday, then that 94-year old is going to have to figure something else out because a Michigan fan will then need to be 108 years old for them to have enjoyed a winning record over Ohio State over their lifetime.

Don’t be too bummed, however, because if you are 40 years old, then nobody has a numbers advantage in this game. Since 1976, the two teams have split 19-19-1 with the 2010 game being expunged from everyone’s collective memory.

In this rivalry, bragging rights aren’t just an annual thing, they are a generational thing, but one side of those generations hasn’t had much to brag about lately.

If Michigan wins on Saturday, however, then those 40-year olds will gradually turn 41 while being able to enjoy a slight advantage in the series, and slight advantages are all anyone needs.

Just imagine the celebrating they can do with all of the other age groups who will also then hold a winning record over Ohio State in their respective lifetimes.

I hear the 94, 95, and 96-year olds can talk trash with the best of them.