Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Post-Practice Updates Aug. 14

Urban Meyer Ohio State Football

Urban Meyer spoke with the media following Monday’s practice to provide updates on his Ohio State football team. There was a scrimmage on Saturday and other personnel news to report. Here are the highlights from the Buckeye head coach.

+ Meyer needs to see more consistency before a No. 2 quarterback is decided. This coming scrimmage on Saturday is a big one. It’s a battle between Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins.

+ At right guard it’s Malcolm Pridgeon, Branden Bowen, Demetrius Knox, and Matt Burrell still. One guy is getting more first-team reps, but Meyer didn’t want to say who.

+ Kevin Wilson’s ideas are meshing very well with the Ohio State offense and the Buckeye quarterbacks. He is very good at identifying personnel and knowing where to put guys in order to make plays.

+ They don’t want J.T. Barrett running as much, but there are times when he’s like a “Get out of jail free card.”

+ Walk-ons Elijaah Goins and Zach Turnure were put on scholarship last week. That’s always fun for Meyer. “This is my favorite decision.” Both players start on special teams.

+ The quarterbacks as a unit are playing very strong right now.

+ The seven fifth-year seniors, Meyer said you can’t put a price tag on that. It’s unusual to have that many. It’s a huge boost for the team this year because they have seen so much and they have played so much. “They’re our best players.”

+ No update on the suspension on Michael Hill.

+ Asked how they can keep signing good quarterbacks when the recruits see the guys in front of them, Meyer said it’s not a lot different than any other position. It’s an opportunity to be a part of a great program.

+ The focus this week has been about getting game ready. Last week was about just playing. Now it’s about preparing for Indiana this week.

+ Some more black stripes will be coming off tonight.

+ This is the best group of playmakers the Buckeyes have had since 2014. Meyer is still working on his list of 10, but it’s coming along.

+ Meyer has been very impressed by Tate Martell. He’s the kind of guy you can build your program around.

+ J.T. Barrett has gotten more accurate as a passer and his energy level now is incredible. He is providing energy for everybody.

+ Barrett’s improvements will also be showcased in the improvements of the pass blocking and the players around him.

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  1. To JTB the whole crux is better coaching, specifically fundamentals and techniques. Should his vertical passing gets on track, specifically the deep ball it will open up the entire O…..much like 2014! With better coaching the experience OL will not only protect JTB, but allow better running lanes and the O to exploit the exterior of the field!

  2. I’am waiting to see Barrett throw his first pass at Indiana. Then I’ll know how accurate he is. It’s like speed, you either have it or you don’t. Very hard to coach either. Well see!!

    1. A rather unfair comment Edward. Don’t put pressure on J T right from the first pass! No one knows the circumstance of that first pass play. I wouldn’t make any comments about any of the Buckeyes until much later on in the game. But at the same time, I guess I can see a little something to what you said here, but don’t necessarily agree with you. Anyway, I believe the Buckeyes are going to have a top season this year. Go Buckeyes!

    2. Not sure one pass will decide his improvement or not, but we should have a fairly good idea by the end of the first half.

  3. There’s a pretty good reason why this year J T will be much better as a passer. In my opinion, this year’s O L is so much improved as it now looks. J T can’t help but have better passing statistics than what was the case in the past two years. During those two years, the O L was anything but the best as J T found himself having to scramble from onrushing defensive linemen and LB’s. Even 2 seasons ago, he did pretty good until that injury took him out for the National Playoffs in which the Buckeyes won behind Cardell. Look what he did with that really good O L 3 seasons ago when he set all kinds of OSU offensive records and even one or two BIG records. It is my opinion, any good QB is as good as his O L . J T is not the best passer when he has to run for his life, but given time, he’s one of the better passer’s in all of college football. His running ability speaks for itself. Let’s just pray that the O L for this year will make it easier for J T or any of the other QB’s when they get their chance to play. I believe we are going to see a terrific Buckeye team this year, both offensive and defensive!

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