Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘There’s a brotherhood on this offense developing right now’

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Something Special Going On

Everybody who watches college football in a semi-serious manner has some kind of idea of the impact that Kevin Wilson is going to make on the Ohio State offense. Like a quarterback, however, a coach is only as good as the players around him.

Fortunately for Wilson, he is surrounded by talent, and right now that talent is growing into something pretty special.

“The running back room has something special going on right now,” said center Billy Price. “They’ve got something going on right there. I talked to Coach Alford the other day about it and there’s a brotherhood on this offense developing right now, and it’s not just running backs and offensive line. It’s running backs, offensive line, quarterbacks, even our receivers.”

If you would like to offer up a “we’ve heard this before” to Price, feel free.

“You guys will see August 31st,” he reiterated. “There’s a different approach to pass blocking and run blocking all the way down the perimeter to the inside to the outside, so it’s pretty cool.”

Offense Looking Good Despite Weber’s Absence

Last Saturday was the first scrimmage of Ohio State’s fall camp. Starting running back Mike Weber was held out due to a hamstring injury. He has been held back all camp long, but only because OSU is being very cautious with him. Basically, they need him for Game No. 1, not Practice No. 7.

“He practiced today,” Meyer said on Monday. “He didn’t open it up yet today, but we’ll be ready for Game 1. We’re just being cautious. Hamstrings are really just something you’ve got to watch closely.”

Even without Weber, however, it was an impressive showing for the Ohio State offense. This is both a good thing and a bad thing for a head coach.

“There were some big plays,” Meyer said. “You know, that’s a negative for the defense, positive for the offense. I liked the coaching going on across the field, but particularly on offense right now. That tempo and those kinds of things. But once again, first scrimmage, it’s only practice six or seven.”

Advanced Freshmen

Three freshmen have now had their black stripes removed and become official Buckeyes. Overall, this is a group of rookies that might be Urban Meyer’s best yet.

The upperclassmen are certainly taking notice.

When senior safety Damon Webb got to Ohio State, he was a physical corner who took to coaching very quickly. When he watches the 2017 freshmen, however, he sees a group of players even more advanced than he was.

“I would definitely say they are more advanced, more physical, and they picked up the playbook a lot faster,” he said.

“They’re going to develop really good, they’re out here looking good. Isaiah Pryor, he’s looking really good too. He’s very physical, and like I said, BIA [best in America], every year, gonna set the standard, and it’s gonna keep going and going, no lagging.”

Speaking of being physically advanced, it is rare for a defensive tackle to see the field as a true freshman. Buckeye fans may get some glimpses of such a rarity this season, however.

“Haskell Garrett, he’s another one,” Meyer said when mentioning freshmen who would play in 2017. “Without anointing any guy, but right now he’s on course to play. That’s unusual for an interior D-lineman, but he’s really impressive right now.”