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Friday Night Lights: Watching Ohio State Running Back Commit Master Teague – August 18

Master Teague Ohio State Recruiting

So early Friday evening, I was trying to find out if there was going to be a stream of Master Teague’s season opening game. I couldn’t find one, so I stopped looking. Eventually, one was sent to me on Twitter, so I was able to watch a bit and grab some clips.

As you might expect, Teague stands out.

I guess I should add some background. Teague is a 4-star running back from Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Blackman High School) who committed to Ohio State back in the summer. He is rated the No. 3 running back in the nation per 247Sports. Scout, meanwhile, ranks him as the No. 88 running back in the nation. Don’t worry, that’s gonna change.

Anyway, I don’t have exact totals, because the stream didn’t really talk much about stats, but Teague did have over 100 yards rushing in the first half, as well as a 32-yard touchdown catch, and a 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. He scored four touchdowns in a 63-28 victory over Hendersonville.

[Saturday Morning Note: Teague rushed for 186 yards on 18 carries with two touchdowns; he caught two passes for 58 yards and one touchdown; he added a 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown as well.]


Master Teague hits the hole immediately and is into the second level almost too quickly, which is a ridiculous criticism that I’ve scoffed at in the past with other running backs.

Unlike a lot of fast running backs, he doesn’t try to get his yards out wide. He is entirely comfortable just running up the middle and taking the straight line to the end zone. Sometimes a safety flashes and trips him up, but Blackman doesn’t care because they run up-tempo and get right back to the line.

Teague doesn’t do much dancing. That doesn’t seem to be the mentality of the offense. It’s more slicing and dicing than ducking and diving. He gets his foot in the ground and pushes up field. Any given play can go the distance, but the point is simply to move the chains. It is an aggressive approach, and one that can really wear a defense down over three or four quarters.


On about his third carry of the game, he went 63 yards for a touchdown.

His second touchdown came via a 32-yard touchdown pass on a wheel route. Teague does a great job of maintaining balance.

His third touchdown went 95 yards. Again, no wasted yards.

His fourth touchdown was of the simple variety.

Again, there isn’t any hesitation. He’s a yard churner.

Here is an almost identical run on a toss to the right.

You can see how quickly he gets to the second level here.

And one last clip for the heck of it.

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  1. This young man is special beyond question. I wanted him over Zamir White and every other running back. His profile from the first time I ever saw him was 4-6, A-B without anything in between. This time next year we’ll be talking about a runningback controversy between Master Teague and JK Dobbins. I think JK is a special back too, but I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to see Master take the job in fall camp 2018. He really is that good.

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