Champions Named Following Ohio State’s 49-21 Win Over Indiana

Parris Campbell at Indiana 2017 2 Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State released their own Players of the Week from the Buckeyes’ 49-21 win over Indiana this past Thursday.

Parris Campbell (offense) and J.K. Dobbins (offense), Tyquan Lewis (defense), and Amir Riep (special teams) each earned the nod for their respective sides of the ball.

Campbell led the Buckeyes with six receptions for 136 yards and one touchdown. He had receptions of 74 and 28 yards. Dobbins, meanwhile, led the team with 29 carries for 181 yards. He also caught two passes for 24 yards.

Lewis led the Buckeyes with two sacks. Riep finished with a pair of tackles on special teams and was always down the field quickly.

Interestingly, half of the Buckeyes who earned Player of the Week status were true freshmen.

Champions were also released. Of note, sophomore safety Jordan Fuller was the only member of the back seven to make the list. Also, four receivers were graded as champions, and all five starting offensive linemen were as well.

Ohio State Champions

Offense: Parris Campbell, J.K. Dobbins, J.T. Barrett, K.J. Hill, Johnnie Dixon, Terry McLaurin, Billy Price, Jamarco Jones, Michael Jordan, Branden Bowen and Isaiah Prince.

Defense: Tyquan Lewis, Jalyn Holmes, Nick Bosa, Dre’mont Jones, Sam Hubbard, Tracy Sprinkle and Jordan Fuller

Special teams: Amir Riep

7 Responses

  1. I never agree with how these players get awarded Champions. Obviously, the coaches know more than I do about it. But, still …

  2. If all 5 OL graded champions, then what was that 1st half we all saw? Was that all on the skill players messing up?

    1. You don’t flunk a test for missing the first couple of answers.

      1. No matter what grading scale you use, a 50% isn’t a passing grade Tony. Celebrating a failing 50% grade? Apparently I went to the wrong school. Lets give the offensive line the benefit of the doubt for 2 fair drives in the first half. 60 – 70% rates a champions grade? LOL The offensive staff should be thankful to the man who was wearing golden cleats in the first half. Dobbins saved what was a very subpar offense from being a miserable failure.

        I get it, history is written by the victors of the wars, not necessarily by what the battles showed.

        Great win. There were answers made and question marks still lingering unanswered. Lets hope some of those answers come as the season kicks into gear.

        1. Each position is different in terms of what constitutes a winning grade, but I believe every position has to be into the 80s. It’s not a participation trophy or pass/fail.

      2. I noticed that none of the CBs were mentioned as champions. It would seem that their trouble in the first half was still held against them even though they came up with INTs in the 2nd half.

        As someone else noted, JT Barrett’s numbers weren’t great. Since he can’t take credit for the YAC, we have to look at his accuracy. This completion percentage was average and at moments in the first half, he was just plain bad. I get that he rallied, but he’s a 5th year senior, a returning starter, a 3-time captain. His standard for performance needs to be beyond that of a rookie.

        Also odd that there were no LBs mentioned what-so-ever. I sense that this champion thing a pass/fail grade, but I’m struggling to determine how our LBs were at all detrimental to the win.

        1. If you ask LBs to cover more than stop the run, they’re not going to do as well, I’m guessing. Plus, they’re going to have fewer opportunities to make plays. I think it was more about Indiana throwing so much than the LBs playing poorly. J.T.’s completion percentage was very average, but he finished 8-for-8 with the game on the line. Of course, that just means he was below average to that point, which he shouldn’t be. As for the corners, gonna be hard to have a champion grade when you give up the bulk of 400 passing yards, even if the coverage was tight. There were too many completions.

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