Cardale Jones and Billy Price Offer Support for J.T. Barrett

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After Ohio State’s disappointing performance and home-opening loss to Oklahoma, there has been plenty of talk from those outside of the program about the need for a quarterback change.

A large portion of Buckeye fans have been quick to point their fingers at starting quarterback J.T. Barrett and blame him for the lack of offensive production. This talk is not unfamiliar for Barrett, who has previously mentioned that the credit for a win and the blame for a loss comes with the job.

Despite the lack of offensive production at the end of last season, there was not nearly as much talk about replacing Barrett from Buckeye Nation at the time.

And it certainly wasn’t to the level that it was in 2015 when Cardale Jones won the starting job, but then found himself competing all season long against Barrett. It was apparent that Buckeye supporters were not happy with the production of Jones and wanted Barrett in the lineup instead.

The debate is back again, but this time it is more irrational in the sense that both Jones and Barrett had at least been starters prior to the 2015 season. This year, however, many Ohio State fans have given up on the reputable Barrett and instead believe that a young and unproven quarterback will be the answer to all of the Buckeyes’ offensive problems.

Graduate senior center Billy Price believes that although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the thought of Barrett losing the starting job at quarterback is irrational.

“In the particular case on whether or not I think there should be a quarterback change… no. Again, the kid has put more records in the Ohio State record book than any quarterback in the entire Ohio State program,” said Price.

“J.T. and I have been through so much and I don’t think that…that’s my guy… that’s the guy… I’ve been through five years, I’ve been through winter training, summer conditioning, me throwing up on the practice field, him breaking his ankle… I mean we’ve been through a lot. So again, I don’t think that there’s any chance there needs to be a quarterback change. I think… for him to continue to work harder, to continue for myself to work harder, to continue for this offense to put ourselves in better positions to actually execute the ball as we know we should, and as we know how to, and we’ll be fine.”

People have this idea that changing the quarterback and putting in a new guy will be the solution to win games. Consequently, a quarterback change can have a huge impact on the team and could potentially split the team apart.

“Well, you’re talking about taking off the most prolific leader in Ohio State history, one of the best guys, one of the top 1A-1B type names in Ohio State history itself. I think yeah it would absolutely split the locker room,” said Price.

Price is not the only one to passionately defend Barrett and express that he is opposed to the idea of replacing his quarterback. Cardale Jones has used Twitter to show his support for his friend and former teammate Barrett as well

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  1. James mills…Billy Price a turnstile (correct spelling) What games are you watching? replace JT so we are better next year? We’re 1-1, got beat by a damn good team and have a few new guys replacing NFL draft picks. The season aint over. R E L A X

  2. Off camera people are saying that JT Barrett should not be the starting quarterback. The best IS NOT playing.

  3. JT has struggled so far this season. The offense has struggled so far this season. The defense has struggled so far this season. The coaching has struggled so far this season. It’s easy to place blame when there are so many struggles. It’s also easy to fix problems from the perspective of a fan. Obviously, I’m concerned with the trajectory of this team to start the season, but I also realize that a backup quarterback will not fix the plethora of problems plaguing this team, especially when it could possibly divide a locker room. The sky isn’t falling and this team will get much better.

    1. I have reason to suspect that the locker room is already divided. There is a TON of problems plaguing this years version of the Buckeyes. IF they don’t get addressed we’re looking at a 4 or 5 loss team.

      The back-up quarterback isn’t the “entire” answer for this team, but, it’s a very good place to start.

      It’s a pathetic shame this is going on. 2 of the best tailbacks in all of college ball, and what constitutes what should be the greatest defensive front of all time for Ohio State. It’s all getting flushed down the toilet and it’s because of a division FIRST created

      Sometimes new hires add value. Sometimes they cause division. It’s going to be interesting to see how Coach Meyer addresses it, or if he can get it fixed at all.

  4. The play calling and results so far this year look exactly like the last half of last year and to some extent a big part of 2015. Same plays, lack of imagination, and results to the point you wonder if the opposing D is listening in on our headsets. This is two different O coordinators and an offense that so far looks identical. I’m having a hard time believing this is Kevin Wilson’s offense. Maybe JT is part of the problem but I’m beginning to look at the common denominator in all of this and its the six million dollar man. Don’t forget both Cardale and JT struggled in 2015 for large parts of the season which almost makes me believe that JT isn’t the only common link. But Urban is. Is Urban exercising more authority over the offense and play calling than he lets on? But the offense was much more dynamic under Tom Herman so did Urban trust him more? I’m confused and hope something gets resolved with our offense or the cyanide tablets I had in my pocket last Saturday night in the Shoe might just get swallowed.

  5. I expect those guys to speak up for JT Barrett. The problem is that JT has had 5 years in the program. Those so called records are pretty window dressing, but, they aren’t the end all of how the career of JT Barrett is going to be ultimately judged. It’s not like even his biggest critics don’t admire what he has meant to the University. Right or wrong when things go badly, and they have gone badly with JT under center against real competition that aren’t just cannon fodder, the limit of where he can take the team is obvious.

    Wanting someone else behind center at this point isn’t because that new blood would rescue the season. It’s to get him ready for next year. EVERYTHING with JT is experimentation now. Why waste the reps when the program could be getting ready to make a title run in 2018. They aren’t getting there with JT under center, and probably won’t even win the Division much less the conference.

    It’s not ALL JT Barrett, BUT, he’s the man under center. The responsibility is his when the offense looks like garbage.

    I couldn’t care less what Billy Price has to say. Ever since his freshman season he’s been a sub par performer looking down his nose at the fan base while he’s been a constant turnstyle.

    They made their case for JT. Misguided in the minds of a growing multitude of Buckeye Nation, but it’s their opinion and are free to express it. If they think buying brownie points from Meyer is going to soothe, they are mistaken.

    1. This is the time to put in a new QB. You have weak competition so he can get experience and be ready when they get back into Big play

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