Two-Minute Drill: Postgame Updates from Ohio State’s 38-7 Win Over Army

Army Ohio State

Urban Meyer and many of his players spoke with the media following Ohio State’s 38-7 win over Army on Saturday. Meyer spoke of the great respect he had for the military, and was also thankful for the 108,000 fans who came out this week following last week’s loss to Oklahoma. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

+ Playing Army’s triple option is a “pain in the rear end.”

+ J.T. Barrett getting the Big Ten touchdown record is a big accomplishment.

+ “Losing is awful” and the team worked hard this week to keep it from happening again.

+ Chris Worley was dealing with a sprained foot. Meyer told Tuf Borland to be ready to rotate earlier in the week. Borland did well. There will be somewhat of a competition because Borland played well enough to warrant it.

+ Barrett has “the heart of a lion.” He’s one of the toughest players Meyer has ever been around.

+ On J.K. Dobbins: “He’s the perfect tailback.”

+ Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day did a nice job of calling the game and devising the plan.

+ The offense has to continue to grow the run-pass options.

+ Dwayne Haskins performed well. Meyer wanted to throw it with him more, but didn’t want to do anything silly.

+ Greg Schiano was on the field for this game instead of up in the booth. Meyer wanted his energy and ability to adjust during the game because he has experience against the option. Linebackers coach Bill Davis went upstairs. Meyer isn’t sure if that will remain the case.

Tuf Borland Updates

+ Borland knew he would be rotating in, so he prepared all week with the intention of playing.

+ That being said, he played more snaps than he expected and he admitted to “feeling it” after the game.

+ The rest of the linebackers helped him throughout the game, giving him advice, adjustments, encouragement.

+ “It was great. I’m just so excited to be a part of this team.”

+ He was just trying to enjoy the moment after the game, so didn’t have much to say about competing for the job here on out. He said he hated to see Worley be set back with an injury.

Parris Campbell Updates

+ The plan coming into this game was to get the receivers in space, and that’s what they did and it was successful.

+ They got back to playing Ohio State football tonight.

+ Their mindset changed after they were “hit in the mouth” last week against Oklahoma. They came back as an angry team.

+ On Army joining the Buckeyes to sing Carmen Ohio: “It was really cool to have them stand behind us. It comes down to a respect thing. Knowing what they do for us — you go to sleep at night knowing guys like that are protecting our country, so it was incredible to share that moment with them.”

Terry McLaurin Updates

+ J.K. is a home run hitter and he and Mike Weber are the kinds of running back you want.

+ If you hold your blocks well, Dobbins can take it all the way.

+ On young guys getting in the rotation: “In the wideout group, Trevon Grimes has really been pushing. As an older guy, I really try to push him because we need him to play. When Marcus [Baugh] isn’t in, we’re running more receivers. In the way we rotate, we need another guy to step up.”

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ On breaking multiple Big Ten records throughout the years: “I honestly never really thought about breaking all of these records. I just wanted to come out here and win a lot of football games. I didn’t really picture this coming into Ohio State, but it’s been great with all.”

J.K. Dobbins Updates

+ On his freshman success out the gate: “To be honest, I knew I would get a good start, but I didn’t think it would be anything like this. I just feel like I can only continue to get better. My offensive line, my receivers, my tight ends – outstanding job blocking. It’s a team effort.”

+ Dobbins credited the offensive line and receivers for his yards.

Army head coach Jeff Monken Updates

On his assessment of the game: “We lost to a really good football team. That was a talented, tough, physical football team. I’m incredibly proud of our team and the fact that we fought and put in tremendous effort all the way through. We just kept playing, playing as hard as we could. That’s what we ask our guys to do.”

On Ohio State using five defensive backs: “It’s not uncommon for teams that line up like Coach [Greg] Schiano did to put an extra defensive back in at outside linebacker as an overhang player. I think it adds more open field tacklers on the perimeter as we run a lot of pitch plays and toss plays out there on the edge. It gets defensive backs playing against wide receivers and running backs as opposed to linebackers.”

Quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw Updates

On the momentum following their 99 yard scoring drive: “Absolutely sir, I thought we ran the ball very well. Up front I thought our offensive line blocked them really well, but like coach said they play really hard and are a very talented team and were able to win a lot of one on one battles.”

On his fumble in the third quarter: “Coach always harps on the fundamentals and my job is to get the ball out of the mesh and I didn’t do that before the B-back passed me so it was my fault. I have to pull the ball quickly so I can get it to the next guy. I caused the turnover because I didn’t play fundamentally sound.”

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  1. Loads of respect for the Black Knights – the integrity of Ahmad Bradshaw to step up and take responsibility without deflecting or throwing anyone under the bus is refreshing.

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