First Good Look at Ohio State’s Alternate Uniforms for Penn State Game

Ohio State Football’s official Twitter account has finally released the first good look at what the Buckeyes will be wearing in Saturday’s game against Penn State. Here are the photos that were posted.

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  1. These are really awesome & timely uniforms. Gray couldn’t be more in right now and gray and “red” are really underrated together. I hope these can wear these in the playoffs!!!

  2. It sucks. Climb on the bandwagon with Oregon and the rest of the also rans. Ohio State looks great in their scarlet home jerseys and prospective recruits shouldn’t need to be hyped and pimped by stylish clothing like a bunch of women. We are better than cheap tricks.

  3. Shoes are velcro?!?! seriously…. The Ohio State University has the greatest uniform in football why change.

  4. Home jerseys MUST be Scarlet!!!
    Helmets are Okay, shoes are Okay, too.
    These jerseys work for an away game.

  5. Boo!!! Total agreement with all the Scarlet fans.

  6. Woody just turned over in his grave! Another example of poor judgement. Dull, anti-establishment effort of those Outside the Tradition(s) of TOSU Buckeye basics of Scarlet & Grey uniforms. As a Alum and former Var “O” I’m disgusted.

    1. C’mon lighten up… Do you know how important this is to potential recruits? There are kids going to Michigan simply because they signed with Jordan/Nike.

  7. Where is the scarlet. Ohio State Buckeyes is missing. I like the red shoes tho. Better be pumped and win this game.

  8. A lot of comments for an unimportant topic. No wonder society is always at odds. People dig their feet in and have a lot to say about unimportant stuff! With all of that being said, everyone surely has a right to their opinion. My opinion is that the uni looks cool, nice change for ONE game, the Bucks will still be inside of them…..let’s get it on!!!!!!

    1. So, you decided to add to the comments on the unimportant topic?…

  9. Listen to all these old white dudes. Get off my lawn! These uniforms are badass. I love when we do this.

  10. So everyone has a black stripe on the helmet again? Can the coaches pull off the black stripe during the game if the player does well?

  11. If OSU needs gimmicky uniforms to aid recruiting, the program is in worse shape than I thought. Will the offense be running several gimmick plays while wearing their clown shoes?

  12. This is what happens when you put someone named “Mr. Byron” in charge of designing the jerseys. At least they’re not pink or lavender.
    This jersey would have been fine for an away game – like Michigan – but at home the Buckeyes are (supposed to be) SCARLET and Gray.

  13. Am in agreement with everyone else on here–I’m sick and tired of the alternate uniforms, especially in the big games..give me the scarlet and gray standard uniforms anyday..

  14. I agree, i’m tired of the parade of new uniforms. Also, i wonder if the trained eye and or brain being use to the regular uni’s might cause split second confusion with the different uniforms. Just a thought.

    1. If you get confused between PSU uni’s and these, then your eyes aren’t too trained.

  15. IMO I think the uniforms are a nice change as long as they wear the traditional uniforms the majority of the season. Most important of all is just win the game!

    1. Having second thoughts about those red shoes… Guess I’ll wait till I see them on the field.

  16. Relax folks. OSU under Urban doesn’t lack tradition at all. This kinda stuff gets the players pumped up and is also strictly a marketing money grab.

    Go Bucks!!

    1. Uhhh, yeah…that’s the point, its crass. No need for the alternates.

  17. Go for it. Something different is good. Just ask the offense!!

  18. Stop this alternative uniform crap. We are scarlet and gray!!!!Be less concerned about “stylin” and more concerned about executing.

  19. They’re turning Ohio State into a pimp school. The Athletic Department is selling their soul to cheap, UGLY tricks.

  20. Who cares but the kids? Just hope that everything fits right and does not hinder our performance.

  21. Bucks did pretty well with the red shoes against Texas A&M when Spielman was there,
    Not a fan of gimmick uniforms.

  22. Couldn’t agree more. Stick with the classic home jersey!

  23. I agree, Our regular uniforms are beautiful and well recognized.

  24. I hope the players don’t worry about how many buckeye leaves they are supposed to have on their helmets. They need to concentrate on assignments for Penn State. As another long time fan, these unis leave alot to be desired! I guess their was no coach, player or AD input on the uniforms which had to be done over the summer.


  26. What an ugly combination! The all red shoes are horrible. We will look like a HS team instead of a powerhouse college team. Red buckeye leaves, REALLY! How putrid. Nike can’t do better than that?

  27. So Ohio State will be in all gray and Penn State will be in all white. Huh. Not only is there a lack of contrast, there is also no longer a need for color television.

  28. Am I the only person who wants this seemingly endless parade of alternate uniforms to stop, NOW? The true OSU jerseys are a classic thing of beauty, we shouldn’t need gimmicks to stimulate interest. Stick a fork in these things.

    1. No you are not. Maybe for lesser programs with no real brand value; but the blue-bloods shouldn’t capitulate and run these things out once a year. How’d the alt unnies turn out for OU vs Iowa St.? Bad karma…

    2. You’re not the only one that would like to see this parade of alternate uniform gimmicks to come to an end. Would love to see the shiny pants come back.

      1. You are definitely NOT alone. When we think Ohio State we think tradition and excellence. Our regular uniforms are classic and instantly recognizable. Why in the hell would the athletic department screw with perfection and turn our program into a chintzy knock off of Oregon? The Buckeyes NEED no introduction.

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