Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Post-Practice Updates Oct. 11

Urban Meyer Two-Minute Drill

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media after practice Wednesday night to provide updates on his Buckeyes and to look ahead to Saturday night’s matchup in Lincoln, Nebraska.

+ TV contracts rule, but student-athletes shouldn’t have to play four night games on the road. It’s no fun getting home at 4 in the morning. He has brought it up with Gene Smith and will bring it up with the Big Ten commissioner. He believes the maximum should be two. You can’t get those hours back and it’s hard on the student-athletes. Coaches were never involved in these conversations about so many night games.

+ Regarding the Oklahoma game: “We had a really bad game against a really good team.”

+ Marcus Baugh is coming on and is a really good player right now.

+ Meyer has a good idea about right guard and who it will be. It will be good to have Michael Hill and Dre’Mont Jones back this week. Hill has really handled himself “right” recently. Jones looked great today.

+ Meyer wants to see consistency from the right guard.

+ Odd man fronts are no longer unique. They are more comfortable facing them now because it’s almost all they see. Nebraska is a pure two-game, drop eight 3-4 defense. There won’t be many deep shots because they keep everything in front of them.

+ Trevon Grimes is back home right now dealing with a family issue, but out of respect for him he doesn’t want to speak more on it. He is still on the team.

+ You have to offer the big name kids early on to get in the game, but it is tough when they aren’t good as seniors.

+ There has been conversation about moving Billy Price to right guard and putting Brady Taylor at center, but it is important to have a leader at center.

+ Meyer wants J.K. Dobbins to get more carries. “I want to wear him out.” There is no freshman wall for him. “He’s got to take care of the darn ball.” “I’m anxious to wear them both out.”

+ Meyer has solved the kickoff issue. It was on the coaches.

+ Today was a great practice. Players are embracing the pressure to be nine strong.

+ Tom Herman probably brought in more new stuff to Urban Meyer’s offense than any other offensive coordinator. Ryan Day and Kevin Wilson are very comfortable now.

+ In blowouts, he wants the defense to be smart. He trusts Greg Schiano when to pull guys.

+ Sheffield and Ward will start and Jeff Okudah is in the mix.

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  1. Simple conclusion. Urban likes home night games for recruiting, not night away games.

  2. Thanks for answering my question on the previous article about Trevon Grimes. Sure hope the RG situation sorts out – the offense was STARTING to look pretty good.

  3. I always have to turn on the “bs alarm” before reading these updates. Here’s what set off the alarm-

    1) Coach isn’t so fond of night games anymore, eh? Seems like he was absolutely in love with them a year or two ago.

    2) So the coach “wants” JK Dobbins to get more carries? There’s a real simple answer there, big guy. You are the head coach, we know you are dictating offensive game plans to your OC. Your best chance for getting JK more carries is to tell the OC that he gets more carries. See how easy that was?

    3) So the kickoff issue was on the coachES? Plural? Thought Meyer was the special teams coach. Did he remove himself from those duties?

    At this point, Meyer should just tell a graduate assistant to field these questions. The assistant can wear a Meyer mask and read from a prepared script of mindless coachspeak. Longtime fans just LOVE being treated like pinheads, don’t we gang?

    1. He said JK doesn’t have many carries because the games have been blowouts.

    2. If you would pay attention, yes he likes home night games. He is talking about road night games when they get back to Columbus at 4:00 in the morning. As far as number two & number three there are things that enter in to this that you do not know.Maybe you are a pinhead.

      1. 2nd time you’ve taken issue with my comments in a week, Buckeye Burky. We’re not going to agree, as you are an apologist and clearly a homer. Of course he would like it when everything goes his way and OSU doesn’t have to reciprocate! Sheesh. For my part, I’ll take solace in knowing folks like you disagree- lets me know I’m spot on. For yours, just keep thinking about Christmas and nodding your head! Tony, it would have been helpful to report the full comment about Dobbins’ carries, rather than the fragment you reported. Even if your observation is correct, however, it still makes little sense. Dobbins has hardly been carrying the load like an old fashioned workhorse- which he SHOULD have been allowed to try in the OU fiasco. There is simply very little to no substance in the material from these conferences.

    3. Go support some other team. You’re the hypocrite. FAKE fan!

      1. Hey CB- Nice Twitter response, you got in under 140 characters! (Your reply was completely absent of substance of course, I’m not surprised though). Try the one labelled “Decaf” next time -and thanks for serving as a shining example of my point. These articles should require some sort of IQ test prior to allowing commentary.

  4. The fact that Denzel Ward was wrongly tossed still makes me mad, most especially since it was determined that the call was indeed wrong. I think the best way to correct this wrong would be to let Damon Arnettte play as reconciliation for the bad call.

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