Five Predictions: Ohio State at Iowa

Here’s the deal — right now I’m in the passenger seat and typing this out. Sometimes when I’m writing in the car I get a little nauseous, so I’m on a ticking clock here and I can’t go back and look at how I did last week. I was told I was only 1-of-5, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that.

That doesn’t mean my predictions for Ohio State at Iowa will be less researched, but it does mean I haven’t done as much research.

Without the time to study and use several forms of science to completely nail these predictions like I normally do, I cannot guarantee the veracity or voracity of these next five predictions. However, I can guarantee you that they are predictions worthy of your continued use of them during your Friday Family Reading Time around your dining room table.

Anyway, let’s do this. There’s a ticking clock, remember.

1. Mike Weber and J.K. Dobbins will combine for at least 165 yards rushing.

Iowa is allowing 145 yards rushing per game, but I see J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber combining for 20 yards more than that. Interestingly, Dobbins and Weber are combining for 149 yards per game, which is almost exactly Iowa’s average. Tony Alford is trying to get Weber going, and maybe a road game is the time when he responds to that leaning. Or maybe Dobbins rushes for 110 yards in the first half and then gets two more carries in the second half to reach 165.

2. A cornerback will have an interception.

Iowa quarterback Nathan Stanley has only thrown four interceptions this season, but he has thrown one interception in each of the last three games. I would like to go ahead and call my shot with Denzel Ward, but there’s no point in me being so specific. You don’t come here for specifics, you come here for accuracy. I also think Kendall Sheffield is way overdue for an interception.

3. Nick Bosa will notch at least one sack.

Nick Bosa said he had nine quarterback hurries last week, which is nice, but hurries aren’t nearly as good as sacks. This dude is hungry and he is going to be spoonfed by a couple of freshman offensive tackles. Quarterback Nathan Stanley is a tall stand-in-the-pocket quarterback, which is exactly what Bosa is looking for.

4. Binjimen Victor will score this week.

I don’t know that Ohio State’s receivers ever really have big games back-to-back this season. It seems like it’s usually somebody else’s turn, which would mean Binjimen Victor after having zero catches last week. Originally I had Johnnie Dixon here, but I talked myself into Victor because I just remembered watching Michigan State wide receiver Felton Davis snatching touchdown passes over the top of Iowa’s defensive backs.

5. Ohio State will complete at least one 40-yard pass.

Iowa has given up four passes of 40 or more yards this season, which is second most in the Big Ten. Ohio State, meanwhile, leads the conference with seven such receptions. Oddly, they are tied with Iowa in that regard. I don’t expect Parris Campbell to play this week, so it will be up to Johnnie Dixon or a wheel route. We should chalk this prediction up to Stupid Tony. Or maybe Queasy Tony.

Bonus: Ohio State will hold Iowa under 100 yards rushing.

The Buckeyes are allowing 107 yards rushing per game, so what I am predicting here is bold and flavorful. The fact that Iowa is only averaging 130.8 yards per game on the ground does not diminish this prediction.

Bonus: J.K. Dobbins will have a carry of at least 27 yards.

I thought I’d honor Eddie George with this prediction. It was better than honoring Luke Fickell.

7 Responses

  1. You probably vomited twice during the game and once on the way home, silly predictions, but really who is surprised?

  2. I wish I were road tripping to the game. Iowa seems like a fun place to watch a game. The predictions look pretty reasonable to me….looking for a big game by the Buckeyes.

  3. T – Man……..turned chicken because he had a bad prediction week. Go bold or stay home!

    1. Ohio State finishes with over 272 rushing yards.
    2. Denzel Ward and Jerome Baker get interceptions and one of the defensive linemen just misses one.
    3. Defensive line gets on track and records 5 sacks.
    4. At least 1 player gets ejected over that roadkill nonsensical targeting rule.
    5. Ohio State special teams gets either a KO or punt return for a TD.

    BONUS: (Andrew will love this one) JT Barrett goes 28 or 35 passing for over 300 yards and 4 TD’s. He only gets 42 rush yards, but, only because his toe hurts after clipping 2 toenails too short and his feet hurt.

    BONUS BONUS Ohio State finishes over 600 yards of total offense. Iowa finishes at 275 total yards of offense.

  4. This is the same IA that was seriously gashed by PSU’s SB w/o needing nearly a 100 yards from a KO Return. IA was outgained by PSU by 300 yards, yet kept it close by forcing PSU in FG’s instead of TD’s. If OSU can avoid that, it could get out of hand after OSU wears them down.

  5. Barrett throws for over 300. Dobbins runs for 127 (following your George lead). Austin Mack has a breakout game. Stanley throws 2 picks because of Nick Bosa getting pressure. Bosa also gets a strip-sack he’s been craving.

  6. Tony, you are an American treasure. Carry on my man.

  7. Really bold this week, Gerd. Must be the fields of dead corn got you down.

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