Five Predictions: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Isaiah Prince


Good news everybody, I have tallied up all of my predictions from Michigan State, Illinois, and Michigan for you, so you can stop bothering me with the emails, tweets, and skywriting. Admittedly, however, the skywriting was pretty awesome.

That doesn’t change the fact that I kind of resent having to go out and compile how right I have been over the last three weeks simply because I have failed to do it of late. Why can’t people just assume I was 100% correct like I do?

Turns out, I was pretty close to 100% as I have been 3-of-5 in each of the last three weeks, which puts me at 31-of-60 this season, which is somewhere between 51% and 99% I believe.

Here’s how things went last week.

1. J.T. Barrett, Mike Weber, and J.K. Dobbins will combine for at least 222 yards rushing.

Outcome: Nailed it. They rushed for 225 yards, just as I predicted!

2. The OSU H-backs will have at least eight touches.

Outcome: Nailed it. They finished with nine touches and it doesn’t matter if three of them were punt returns.

3. Donovan Peoples-Jones will have a touch of at least 30 yards.

Outcome: Nailed it. He had a 42-yard punt return in the first quarter.

4. Tuf Borland will have at least 10 tackles.

Outcome: Failed it. He only had six tackles. Should probably be benched at this point for prediction insubordination.

5. The Buckeyes will have at least two receptions of 33 yards or more.

Outcome: Failed it. There were two receptions of 27 yards, which sucks.

So let’s get to the Big Ten Championship Game between your Ohio State Buckeyes and their Wisconsin Badgers.

Spoilers ahead!

1. Ohio State will complete a pass of at least 43 yards.

I feel like this could be any of Ohio State’s six starters, which means it will be Marcus Baugh or J.K. Dobbins. Remember that wheel route to J.K. Dobbins in the first week of the season that we haven’t seen since? The Badgers are in the middle of the road in the Big Ten when it comes to allowing passes of 40 yards, allowing five such plays this season. They have only allowed two completions of 30 yards in November…but December is a new month.

2. At least two quarterbacks will turn the ball over.

Let’s just all agree that we expect Dwayne Haskins to play. Whether or not that means J.T. Barrett plays, I expect both Haskins and Wisconsin starter Alex Hornibrook to throw interceptions. In fact, I can already see Haskins getting picked off trying to complete the same pass he found Austin Mack on last week. Hornibrook has thrown 13 interceptions this season, and that was without throwing any against Minnesota last week. It was his first interception-free game of the Big Ten season. And we didn’t even get into the fumbling possibilities with either of these guys.

3. Wisconsin will rush for fewer than 182 yards.

I went with 182 yards because that is what the Badgers rushed for against Michigan. Only two teams have run the ball on Ohio State with any meaning this season, and that was Army (259) and Iowa (243). Wisconsin has been held under 182 yards twice this season — against Northwestern (109) and Illinois (168). Surely, the Buckeyes can muster up the same level of defense as the Fighting Illini, right?

4. Badger receivers will be held to no more than five receptions.

Last week against Minnesota, the Wisconsin wide receivers caught 11 passes, which is a very nice total. However, this is a very young trio of healthy receivers and I don’t see them having nearly as much success against the Ohio State cornerbacks. Alex Hornibrook will be looking for tight end A.J. Fumagalli, as well as his other tight ends. If the Buckeyes can make Hornibrook one dimensional in his throws, that would help them attack his tendencies.

5. J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber will outrush Jonathan Taylor by at least 40 yards.

The Badgers have only played one team this season that is currently ranked by the AP, and that is No. 20 Northwestern. That was also Wisconsin’s lowest rushing total of the season by far (109 yards). Jonathan Taylor rushed for just 80 yards on 19 carries against the Wildcats. The Buckeyes, meanwhile, have played three teams that are currently ranked, and in those three games J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber averaged 165.3 yards rushing. With the OSU duo getting more carries this weekend because of J.T. Barrett’s condition, I probably could have gone a little closer to the 85 yards they are currently outrushing Taylor by against ranked opponents, but I am nothing if not a total coward.


7 Responses

  1. Tony, the prognosticator, was right on 4 out of 5. Fantastic insight, Tony!

  2. One drop and two overthrows away from another blowout.

  3. On paper it looks like we’ll win easily. Unfortunately, as I recall, in Indianapolis they don’t play on paper, but on grass/turf, so we can’t be so certain. Still wonder about how much – and how effectively – J.T. will play, but I trust Urban & Co. have a good plan, and the other 21 guys (plus Haskins as needed) will do the job to make Wisky sour.

  4. I predict the more Barrett plays the better chance we have to lose.

  5. Sorry Gerd, I don’t see the Buckeyes doing much of anything against Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the bigger, better team and remembers the 59-0 blowout. They will be super pumped for this game.

  6. The Badgers will rush for less then 100 yards. Ohio state will play their BEST game of the year with a backup QB. Our L.B. will be dominate despite a lack of aggression by our defensive line.

  7. Nov 24, 2017 by Christopher Johnson
    I’ll predict 3 of your 5 come true.

    Outcome: Nailed it.

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