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Ohio State Signing Day Notebook: ‘Everybody in our program should know the rules’

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No More Ohio Flyers

So far in the 2018 recruiting class, Ohio State has only signed four players from Ohio, which is the fewest in Urban Meyer’s tenure, and likely the fewest in OSU’s history. There is still another signing day to go, and it is expected that Ohio State will land at least one more in-state prospect, but even five would be an all-time low number for Meyer.

Is it a problem?

“It is,” Meyer said on Wednesday.

How do they go about fixing it?

“Well, we had some academic issues this year with some of the Ohio kids,” he said. “We err on the Ohio guy, and that’s a small number. I don’t think it’s over. As a matter of fact, I know there’s at least one more that we’re holding onto because he has a signing date or something. Yeah, that’s a problem. What’s the solution? Do the very best we can.”

Still a Shot at Two QBs?

Ohio State had two quarterbacks committed for a while with Matthew Baldwin and Emory Jones, which was basically Jones’ own doing because he was unwilling to reassure the OSU coaches that he was signing with the Buckeyes. Ohio State then had to reach out to other quarterbacks to make sure they brought one into this class, and so a couple of offers went out, including the offer to Baldwin.

Once Baldwin committed, that essentially meant the end for Jones. There just wasn’t room for both players to sign in December, and the OSU coaches weren’t convinced Jones would sign with them anyway.

“We just can’t numbers-wise,” Meyer said of taking two quarterbacks right now. “I’d take two any time we can, especially in that situation. It’s just a little fluid right now. But I don’t know our roster number.”

Had Jones held off on his signing and waited until February, the possibility would have existed at that point to be a Buckeye, but he found a situation to his liking and should do very well at Florida.

That doesn’t mean OSU is done at quarterback just yet, however. They signed one on Wednesday, but crazier things have happened.

“On today, yes [just one quarterback], and I would anticipate, but there’s another signing date somewhere down the road,” he said.

An Inside Job

The Buckeyes signed three of the best defensive tackles in the 2018 class on Wednesday.

Five-star prospect Taron Vincent was the No. 1 player at his position in the nation, while 4-star prospect Tommy Togiai was in the Top 10 as well. Junior college transfer Antwuan Jackson was arguably the top signee out of the junior college ranks.

So if you think Larry Johnson is going to hang it up before he gets a chance to coach these three, you’re crazy.

“I’ll look for you to talk to Larry to talk about those three inside guys. He’s made some very strong comments about the future of the inside of our defensive line,” Meyer said. “What I love about them, they’re all great kids, great families, and they’re ready to go. I anticipate they’ll all play. Our interior defensive line is going to be strong.

Breakin’ the Law, Breakin’ the Law

One of the bigger stories this past week in the Ohio State recruiting world was the report from OSU student newspaper The Lantern that the Buckeyes had committed a recruiting infraction while 5-star defensive end Micah Parsons was on campus.

Parsons was given access to the ESPN Gameday set and the show’s stars, which was apparently a no no. As part of the self-imposed punishment, Ohio State agreed to no longer recruit Parsons.

How did Urban Meyer explain the situation?

“Good thing is we don’t have many of those here,” he said. “I get extremely upset when I see that there was something done that was done incorrectly, and we do everything we possibly can to make sure that does not happen again, even if it sounds minor, it’s not minor.

“When I hear the word violation, and most people, including my wife say, ‘what does this mean?’ A kid took a picture on a set of a game day thing or something like that. But there’s — everybody in our program should know the rules, and that shouldn’t have happened.”

And how does he deal with proposed punishment when it does happen?

“It’s presented to me, and I agree with it or disagree with it, and we move on,” he said.

How Much More Room

As of right now, knowing what we know, the Ohio State football roster sits at 90 players, including the 21 signees and all of the underclass scholarship players. That means they are currently five over, which is not unusual at this point in a recruiting cycle. Some (many?) of the players on the roster now will be leaving early for the NFL, while others will be transferring for playing time.

Urban Meyer is still working hard to make this class larger, and it is expected to grow by at least a couple in February.

How many more spots are available?

“Yeah, we’re not many left. I just don’t know our roster number,” Meyer said.

“I won’t know that until January because of the NFL. There’s not many left.


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  1. that is an asinine rule and obviously used inconsistently..the NCAA needs to take a look at some of the stupid rules it has and get rid of them.

  2. I thought Herbstreit said that he shakes hands with many recruits when he is on campus for Gameday, not just at tOSU. Perhaps the NCAA will look into similar transgressions on other campuses. Sure (lol).

    1. Heard him on the radio and they came to the conclusion that the last 20 national titles should be vacated because of all of the hands he shaken and pictures he’s taken.

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