Who is Calling the Plays for Ohio State This Year?

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Ohio State has had offensive coordinator Ryan Day in the program for a little over a year, but in the last few months, the Buckeyes have had to fight off suitors who were looking to hire him away.

Back in December, Urban Meyer said that Day had turned away numerous opportunities, but then in January, more offers came calling. Once again, the Buckeyes were able to keep him in the fold, and then on January 23, it was announced that Day had been promoted from co-offensive coordinator to offensive coordinator.

The Buckeyes now have two offensive coordinators in Day and Kevin Wilson, so how much different will things be for the Ohio State offense this season?

“Not much different at all,” Meyer said. “I think that’s still to be determined. He was a co-coordinator by title last year, he wasn’t. He was very much involved in the play calling a year ago, he was very much involved in the game planning. Actually led the room in certain areas, so I don’t see that much changing. The biggest change is the title. And as the evolution of the staff last year, that the both of them worked very well together, and they were both very involved in the play calling.”

Ah yes, the play calling. When Kevin Wilson was hired prior to the 2017 season, his prowess as a play caller was something that everyone talked about. When the reports began circulating that Day was going to stay at Ohio State with a promotion, there was also a report that he would have play calling duties added to his responsibilities.

As it would turn out, it’s not really that simple according Meyer. Or maybe it’s just not that important.

“The one thing that I’ve tried to make clear, is there’s not a dictator here,” he said. “And there’s not some guru going to come in and say it’s his offense. That will never happen here. Same thing on defense. We’re not going to hire some guy that, ‘Hey, this is so-and-so’s defense.’ It’s not. It’s Ohio State’s defense and every coach in there has an ownership in that.

“Same thing on offense that when Kevin Wilson or Ryan Day or whomever come into the program, it’s not ‘Hey, this is his offense,’ because it’s not it at all. Now, they all have a chance to make it better and I think they have. So we don’t get caught up — I don’t know if you noticed that, in 16 years I’ve never been caught up in that. It seems to be those are great questions, but it’s insignificant as far as the way we look at it.”

What about those on the outside who put so much emphasis on the one guy with the play-calling duties?

“Well, when you get your program, do it that way,” he said. “That’s fine. We don’t do it that way. We do the Ohio State offense and everybody’s involved. And I’ve heard that, too, ‘It’s so-and-so’s offense, he’s going to do it his way.’ You never hear that here.”


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  1. I don’t care who calls the plays as long as we use the strong arms of our two QB’s to open up the field so our running backs can reach their potential. I am so tired of seeing our team go up against stacked defenses.

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