2018 NFL Draft Profile — Ohio State C Billy Price

Billy Price Ohio State Football Buckeyes

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Billy Price, Center | 2018 NFL Draft Profile

Ht: 6-3 6/8
Wt: 305
40: DNP
Bench: DNP

Overall Rank: No. 20
Position Rank: No. 5 Interior OL

Technically sound and athletic center who finished his career as one of the most decorated linemen in Ohio State history and can provide value at any interior line spot at the next level.

• Athletic Ability
• Mental Processing
• Play Strength (Core/Upper Body/Lower Body)
• Lateral Movement
• First Step Quickness

• Use of Hands
• Length

One-Year Projection: Starter you can win with that utilizes very good athletic ability, good pad level and very good mental processing to engage and drive at point of attack. Best fit in a Zone scheme that allows him to maximize his athleticism, short-area quickness and lateral movement to move defenders. Possesses a good anchor in pass protection. Will need development in his hands and shows a tendency to lunge at times/become impatient.

Three-Year Projection: Starter you can win with that displays Pro Bowl level traits. Zone blocker possessing the athletic ability to reach the 2nd level to clear LBs & DBs. Lower/Core/Upper body strength to win at point of attack. Anchors well in pass protection and clears throwing lanes. Has the mental processing to read defense pre-snap to make blocking adjustments and pick up delayed blitzes/twists.

Good, compact & athletic build throughout his frame with solid arm length. Excellent athlete highlighted by his short-area speed, body control and agility in small areas. Good football intelligence as a whole to sort out run blitzes/stunts and protect his gap. Also shows this ability as a trapper/puller to find and block assigned defender. Very good in run game with very good suddenness of the snap, body position, pad level and foot drive to give him good play strength to create vertical push on combinations vs tight backside shades.

Also uses good pad level, hand placement and foot drive to steer shaded techniques away from point of attack on solos. In limited exposure, good initial angles and hand placement to reach tight shades. Very good judgement to declare to level two on Zone climbs at right time to prevent instant penetration.

Good in pass protection with good quickness to set points vs tight techniques and very good placement, base and bend to set very good anchor. If beaten back inside by slanting DT (or looping DE on stunt), shows very good redirect ability to mirror and stay in front, preventing penetration. Is a very competitive, tough player whose efforts maintain throughout the game vs all competition, no matter the circumstance.

Struggled with DL that were able to match his good strength and very good pad level and play with better extension, locking him out and creating stalemates at the LOS. Struggled to pass off interior twists, allowing loopers to run free through A-gaps. Adequate posture in his punch vs DTs that rush from a wide shade, allowing good, aware DL to swat hands away and counter back inside, puncturing the pocket if the ball is not out quickly.

Overall, will be a very good interior offensive lineman by year three whose best fit is as a C (that can also play OG) in a primarily Zone scheme where he can maximize his athleticism and his ability to secure and move DL on double teams.

Would function best in a primarily Zone scheme, but has the functional strength and athletic ability to contribute in a Gap/Power system as well.

Overall 2018 NFL Grade: 8.00

9.00 Dominant Player. All-Pro Traits. Should develop into the best at his position

8.99-8.50 Consistent Pro Bowl Player. Gameplan changer. Very few flaws if any.
8.49-8.00 Will be very good player. Rookie Starter. Should have Pro Bowl physical traits.

7.99 Will be very good player. Probable Rookie Starter. May or may not have Pro Bowl physical traits.
7.75 Unique potential. Pro Bowl traits who needs critical technical development and consistency.
7.50-7.00 Can be a good starter you can win with. Should compete for a role/starting position. May be immediate contributor.

6.99-6.50 Functional starter in first 3 years who you should win with. No fatal flaws. Development needed.
6.49-6.00 Flash Starter Tools. Quality role player and/or Good ST. Emergency Starter

5.99-5.50 Quality role player and contributor for scheme specific teams.
5.49-5.00 Draftable player with intriguing physical tools or a functional role player to strengthen the 53.

4.99-4.50 Priority free agent. Has a couple tools that you want to work with.
4.49-4.00 Undrafted Free agent. Will go on the 90 man roster somewhere.

3.99-3.50 Invite to rookie mini camp. At least one intriguing quality to see live.
3.49-3.00 Off radar due to injury, size, position projection, etc. May be successful in CFL/AFL/etc.