2018 NFL Draft Profile — Ohio State DE Jalyn Holmes

Jalyn Holmes Ohio State Football Buckeyes NFL Draft

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Jalyn Holmes, Defensive End | 2018 NFL Draft Profile

Ht: 6-4 7/8
Wt: 283
40: 4.82
Bench: 25

Overall Rank: No. 127
Position Rank: No. 14 Edge Rusher

Holmes has the frame and hand usage to be effective all along the defensive line, but his high pad level and slow snap reaction make him a liability for now.

• Length
• Stack and Shed
• Competitive Toughness
• Strong Hand Usage

• Functional Strength
• Anchor
• Snap Timing
• Raw

One-Year Projection: You can’t teach length and Holmes has an abundance of that. His ability to use his vision against the run and get his hands in the passing lanes are valuable. I see a situational pass rusher that can be lined up as a 5T in a 4-3 system, inside or in a wide-9, while providing valuable reps as a special teams contributor.

Three-Year Projection: Holmes should be a key cog in a good rotational defensive line. Double digit sacks and Pro Bowl nominations are a bit aggressive for year 3. He is still relatively raw and will need to be coached well.

Former 4-star recruit out of Norfolk, Virginia, that was used effectively in multiple fronts for the Buckeyes, which include 1T, 3T, 5T, and OLB in four-, three-, and two- point stances. Frame is not maxed out, but he is incredibly long and carries his weight extremely well, with a muscular build and chiseled midsection, while having very long arms, large hands, good height, very good weight, and good athletic ability, which is displayed with his very good quickness, footspeed, lateral agility, and balance.

Good explosiveness off the line of scrimmage, when he times the snap well, and establishes good inside hand placement on the edge versus tackles. Sets the edge, while utilizing extension, and is good vs. the run, while showing a very good ability to stack and shed blocks, while constricting gaps with his lateral flow and very good mental processing. Does a good job getting horizontal and minimizing his chest. Utilizes a good combination of push-pull/arm over to use the momentum of OL and disengage base blocks. Good foot quickness and location skills, to challenge reach blocks, and uses his length to his advantage in this situation.

Good interior/edge pass-rusher with good upfield burst and violent use of hands that use power chops, clubs, swims, and flashed a solid inside spin move. Can get a bit too high and doesn’t always maximize his length. Adequate ability to time the snap and was too often one of the last ones to react. Solid change of direction and acceleration in the twist game as a DL from the 3T and the 5T position.

Solid overall play strength and can struggle with his anchor against stronger OL, when he doesn’t establish inside hand placement and use his length. Must develop more consistency to not allow his elbows to hinge, in order to avoid going chest to chest with OL, while also showing solid lower body strength and too often being turned at the line of scrimmage by stronger guards and centers. Struggled taking on down blocks as an interior defensive lineman.

Holmes played as a 1T, 3T, 5T, and OLB in four-, three-, and two- point stances at Ohio State. His ideal fit is a one-gapping right end in a 4-3 Under Front or a left end in a 4-3 Over, where he could be lined up by the teams at 3T.

Holmes has value and experience as an inside pass rusher in passing situations. He needs to improve his overall strength to be effective as a 5T in a 3-4 system.

Overall 2018 NFL Grade: 6.75

9.00 Dominant Player. All-Pro Traits. Should develop into the best at his position

8.99-8.50 Consistent Pro Bowl Player. Gameplan changer. Very few flaws if any.
8.49-8.00 Will be very good player. Rookie Starter. Should have Pro Bowl physical traits.

7.99 Will be very good player. Probable Rookie Starter. May or may not have Pro Bowl physical traits.
7.75 Unique potential. Pro Bowl traits who needs critical technical development and consistency.
7.50-7.00 Can be a good starter you can win with. Should compete for a role/starting position. May be immediate contributor.

6.99-6.50 Functional starter in first 3 years who you should win with. No fatal flaws. Development needed.
6.49-6.00 Flash Starter Tools. Quality role player and/or Good ST. Emergency Starter

5.99-5.50 Quality role player and contributor for scheme specific teams.
5.49-5.00 Draftable player with intriguing physical tools or a functional role player to strengthen the 53.

4.99-4.50 Priority free agent. Has a couple tools that you want to work with.
4.49-4.00 Undrafted Free agent. Will go on the 90 man roster somewhere.

3.99-3.50 Invite to rookie mini camp. At least one intriguing quality to see live.
3.49-3.00 Off radar due to injury, size, position projection, etc. May be successful in CFL/AFL/etc.

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  1. Holmes was under used at OSU. Thus, he too could be an absolute steal in this draft. I have no doubt that had he started and gotten the snaps he would have been a 10+ sack guy. He is better than Hubbard but never started over him…his legnth and athleticism won’t be overlooked by the NFL.

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