2018 Ohio State Spring Game Box Score

Carmen Ohio Spring Game Ohio State Football Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — The Gray squad beat the Scarlet team 37-14 in Saturday’s Ohio State Spring Game. The Gray Buckeyes were led by Joe Burrow, while the Scarlet Buckeyes were also led by Joe Burrow. Sound confusing? In order to help you sort it all out, here’s the entire box score from Saturday’s final Ohio State football spring practice of 2018.

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  1. I forgot. Master Teague is going to be a beast. The first time I can actually say and mean it. The Buckeye stable of running backs is just as good and deep as Alabama’s………..and Brian Snead isn’t even on Campus yet. Loved what we saw from Antonio Williams too. We already know what we can expect from Mike and JK. What a fun room they have.

  2. I expected to see much better than less than 50% passing from both Tate Martell and Dwayne Haskins even under the weird scrimmage rules. Fortunately for them the season doesn’t get underway for a few months so they have time to maybe make up the distance Joe Burrow pulled away from them out of todays game.

    Went in expecting to see a lot of Damario and wasn’t disappointed. He’s consistent with both his legs and his hands.

    Brady Taylor looked pretty good. OT’s appear to be a train wreck. Had the QB’s been live CEO Meyer would be looking for a 4th quarterback because the first 3 would have been wrecked.

    Linebackers remain a huge problem.

    Rather enjoyed watching Jaylen Harris and Marcus Williamson go at it. I remember back to when Michael Jenkins and Dustin Fox were matched up. They got each other ready for the big stage. Saw the same between Marcus and Jaylen. Both of these guys are good football players.

    Felt bad for Sevyn Banks. He got blown up but I suspect he’s going to use the experience and grow pretty quickly from it.

    Jahsen Wint wasn’t always effective but he was constantly involved in making plays. Effort usually translates to productivity down the road.

    Sean Nuremberger looks like he can be accurate up to at least 60 or 65 yards. That 52-53 yarder would have popped the 60 mark easily.

    What did we learn? Probably nothing, but it was fun anyway!

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