Best Guessing the Ohio State Depth Chart on Offense — April 6

Master Teague, Antonio Williams Running Backs Ohio State Football Buckeyes


With just three practices left in spring camp for the Ohio State football team, we now have a pretty good grasp on where things stand with the depth chart on both sides of the ball. Today, we will focus on the offensive side of the ball, where there will be approximately 84 ORs among the various positions. These are fall projections based on what coaches have said — and also what they haven’t said.

Injured players have been included as well because they will factor in once fall camp gets underway. The only newcomers listed below are the ones who are currently enrolled.

7 Dwayne Haskins, rSo OR
10 Joe Burrow, rJr OR
18 Tate Martell, rFr
12 Matthew Baldwin, Fr

What they are saying: This is still a three-man race and we won’t speak with Urban Meyer again until April 12 on a teleconference. Things could change between now and then. The issue at this point is that nobody has stepped forward and taken the job. Meyer doesn’t want this thing won by default. It’s the most interesting situation in college football right now, or at least it would be if it didn’t appear to be progressing more slowly than an art film.

Running Back
2 J.K. Dobbins, So
25 Mike Weber, rJr
26 Antonio Williams, rSo
33 Master Teague, Fr

What they are saying: In the few times Urban Meyer has been asked about his running backs this spring, he has made it a point to mention how well Antonio Williams is playing right now. Ohio State may have an OR between J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber when they release their official depth chart in the fall, but it would be a surprise if it’s not Dobbins taking those first snaps. Master Teague is as mature as they thought he would be when they were recruiting him.

21 Parris Campbell, rSr OR
14 K.J. Hill, rJr
30 Demario McCall, rSo OR
80 C.J. Saunders, rJr

What they are saying: K.J. Hill is out this spring following shoulder surgery. Parris Campbell is getting a break this spring due to his advanced age. That has left Demario McCall and C.J. Saunders to get a ton of reps. Both have responded well. Meyer mentioned McCall as having more of a Curtis Samuel-type skill set, which doesn’t sound too bad. This is the first time McCall has been fully healthy at Ohio State as well, which really makes you wonder what he can do this year.

X Receiver
11 Austin Mack, Jr OR
9 Binjimen Victor, Jr
15 Jaylen Harris, So

What they are saying: Jaylen Harris was making plays early in spring. Austin Mack closed last season well, but Binjimen Victor did not. The two veterans are playing well, but this is a very big spring for them. The Buckeyes need at least one of them to take a step forward this season and become a dominating receiver.

Z Receiver
83 Terry McLaurin, rSr OR
1 Johnnie Dixon, rSr
87 Ellijah Gardiner, rFr

What they are saying: Terry McLaurin and Johnnie Dixon are taking it easy this spring. We don’t really know if Ellijah Gardiner is playing Z, but somebody has to be playing it when McLaurin and Dixon aren’t. Sophomore cornerback Marcus Williamson had some nice things to say about Gardiner’s game recently.

Tight End
38 Rashod Berry, rJr OR
89 Luke Farrell, rSo
81 Jake Hausmann, rSo

What they are saying: Urban Meyer hasn’t said much of anything about Rashod Berry, which is concerning. Luke Farrell graded out a champion in last Friday’s scrimmage. It will be interesting to see if there was a response from Berry or Jake Hausmann in today’s scrimmage.

Left Tackle
59 Isaiah Prince, Sr
58 Joshua Alabi, rJr

What they are saying: Isaiah Prince hasn’t been getting overworked this spring, so Josh Alabi has gotten some good reps with the ones. He also spent a little time early on at center. Prince has emerged as a leader for the entire offensive line this spring.

Left Guard
73 Michael Jordan, Jr
66 Malcolm Pridgeon, rSr
61 Gavin Cupp, rSo

What they are saying: With Michael Jordan out this spring, Malcolm Pridgeon has been running with the ones. He has earned rave reviews from everyone, including Urban Meyer. The job is still Michael Jordan’s when he returns, but the depth on the interior is very impressive right now.

79 Brady Taylor, rSr
71 Josh Myers, rFr
54 Matthew Jones, Fr

What they are saying: We haven’t seen Matt Burrell snapping much of late and it looks like Brady Taylor has taken the job. He is now competing with Josh Myers, but it would be a shock if anybody other than the fifth-year senior Brady is snapping the ball to [insert starting quarterback name here] this September.

Right Guard
78 Demetrius Knox, rSr
69 Matt Burrell, rJr
53 Wyatt Davis, rFr

What they are saying: Demetrius Knox has used last season to continue his momentum into this spring. He has emerged as one of the leaders of the offensive line, but not in a “I know it all” way. Like everyone else on the line, he still asks questions and is looking for every advantage that he can use. I’m not sure where Matt Burrell is on the offensive line, but his versatility makes him invaluable at any of the three interior spots.

Right Tackle
75 Thayer Munford, So OR
76 Branden Bowen, rJr
74 Max Wray, Fr

What they are saying: Branden Bowen is moving back to tackle when he returns this summer. Thayer Munford has played well this spring and said the coaches have been challenging him constantly to be good enough to keep the job in fall camp. Max Wray is getting tremendous experience working with the twos this spring.


9 Responses

  1. OL sounds like its going to be the strenght of thus team which is good for a first year starter @QB. I’m just hope for once Meyer puts the team ahead of his loyalty to his favorites. We would have been just as good last year with Burrow or Haskins at QB. I don’t think we beat michigan last year had JT played the whole game.

    1. JT led a double digit comeback vs scUM in 2016, he could have done the same this year. He wasn’t even fully healthy during the game. Time to let it go regarding JT.

    2. OK will not be a strength. They might end the season being a strength but not the first half the season. If we were returning 4 out of 5 starters and they were good the year before, it would be safe to say they will be a strength, but we are returning a RT who is moving to LT and he is not proven there yet not was dominant at RT. We have a freshman at RT. New center, good proven LG, and still new RG. I would say they struggle early and be ok by the end.

      1. Our RT is a sophomore and a very good one by the sound of it. Our center and RG are going to be 5th year seniors, and Knox at RG has some game experience and played well last season. The OL is going to a good blend of experience and veteran leadership.

  2. What’s all this taking it easy this spring???
    I hope no one is taking it easy.

    1. It’s common under Meyer. The vets don’t practice as much because they don’t need it and it puts wear and tear on their bodies. Such is life in the 2,000-rep club.

  3. Consider me very excited for the offense with that depth chart. I think it’ll be very close to that and will be fantastic. The big question besides QB has been the Oline but you can see there will probably be 3 senior starters, a junior who is entering his 3rd year as a starter, and a rising sophomore who might turn out to be the best of the bunch. The depth is also pretty fantastic on the interior and is solid at tackle with a healthy Bowen.

    Whoever starts at QB is going to have a crazy good group of receivers to work with as well as 2 proven tail backs. Heck I’m even confident in the abilities of Antonio Williams and MT3 if they were to play.

    Sadly I always thought TE would be an issue. I was never sold on Berry. He’s an incomplete TE and plays more like a bulky receiver than your traditional TE. We’re gonna need a lot out of Farrell and Hausmann primarily in the blocking game.

    1. Where is this crazy good group of receivers?

      1. part of our passing game issues have been average receivers who are a yr older now and possibly still avg Hopefully the fanboy podcast talk of Tate/DH as an offensive package will stop, Martell could transfer because all the “experts” are saying Day wants a pro style offense and An OSU QB can’t be starter if not great in red zone. Tebow was a 240lb fullback his fresh yr, could always get at least a yard, don’t believe Tate has the moves Braxton did and Braxton was no Tebow in short yardage situations

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