Joe Burrow: ‘Now some decisions have to be made’

Joe Burrow 2018 Spring Game Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Joe Burrow spent most of the spring as the subject of transfer rumors. Saturday, during the Buckeyes’ Spring Game, he did everything he could to put those rumors to rest.

Burrow threw for 189 yards and two touchdowns, helping to lead the Gray team to a 37-14 win.

Early on, Burrow and Dwayne Haskins split snaps for the Gray, which was made up of the first team offense and second-team defense.

If this was his last chance to make an impression on the coaches, Burrow went out with a bang. He connected with Demario McCall on two long touchdown passes on the final two drives of the game.

After the game, Burrow said he would meet with head coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinators Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day to discuss his future.

“Now some decisions have to be made. You have to step back and evaluate everything,” he said.

Burrow has openly discussed the possibility that he could transfer to another school before next season. But he will appear in Ohio Stadium at least once more.

Joe Burrow 2018 Spring Game
Joe Burrow threw two touchdowns in the Spring Game

Burrow is on track to get his degree at Spring Commencement in the Horseshoe on May 6. Once he graduates, he will have the option to transfer to another school without sitting out a season.

“That was a big decision for me. I had to really load up my class load the last three semesters to do that. That was something that I wanted to have on the table if it didn’t work out,” said Burrow.

Burrow stopped short of saying he would have to be named starting quarterback to stay. But there’s no doubt what his decision will be based on.

“I came here to play. I didn’t come here to sit on the bench for four years,” he said. “I know I’m a pretty darn good quarterback and I want to play somewhere.”

It sounds like Burrow won’t have to wait long to have the information he’s waiting for. Meyer planned to start figuring out the quarterback situation as soon as he left his postgame interview.

“I’m actually going to meet with Ryan (Day) and Kevin Wilson today,” said Meyer. “Monday we’re going to meet in earnest. I want to see all the data; everything that we did all spring. That helps me a little bit.”

Now that Burrow has stated his case, he says the pressure is now off as he waits to hear what the coaching staff has planned.

“I would say it’s a lot less stressful than actually being in the competition. Now you can just kind of sit back and relax,” he said.

“You know the body of work that you’ve had. I know I played very well and I know I took a big step as a leader this spring as well.”

Burrow said he left the Spring Game feeling like he had been given a fair shot at the job.

“I was a little apprehensive about it in December. Coach Meyer and Coach Day assured me that it would be even. I was very happy with how they handled it,” he said.

“I think this spring I played just about as well as I could. I put everything I had into it. That decision is for the coaches.”

That said, there’s no question what Burrow is hoping to hear when he meets with those coaches this week.

“It would be really hard for me to leave. I’ve put so much into this and I’ve put my heart and soul into it. If I were to leave it would be pretty devastating for me. But at the same time, I would understand how they went.”


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  1. If Joe leaves he’ll go to Nebraska and they’ll win the West Division. East Division is a toss up. OSU goes to Penn State and I don’t think Haskins has what it takes this coming season. If OSU does win the East and Nebraska the West I’m rooting for Burrow vs Meyer. I follow SEC football too and Meyer was a blessing to leave Florida.

  2. Regardless of the selection, I hope the coaches will remain committed to whomever. We don’t need a QB constantly looking over his shoulder and playing tentatively to keep his job.

  3. Is there any chance that Joe Burrows go to TTUN? There QB situation is up in the air and they would get a good QB with knowedge of Ohio State as well as a QB with 2 years of eligibility left. For Burrows it is still kinda close to home and he would be going against teams that he has some knowledge of.

  4. I’ve thought the entire time ..long before spring game..that Burrows is slightly better than Haskins..more consistent and better passer overall and I think he has earned the starting job..both would be great starting choices (I’m sorry Tate is just not ready yet in my opinion but will be very good as well)..not because of who or who might not transfer but I think right now Burrows has the edge over Haskins and should be named the starter at this point.

  5. Seems like the real decision isn’t just the starting quarterback. Which is best for Ohio State: Haskins, Tate and a walk-on? or Burrows, Haskins, and Tate? I think that answer is a lot clearer.

  6. My only question concerns the mental part of the game. Which guy (Tate isn’t there yet) has the intangibles such as leadership, field knowledge and reading ability in addition to the following in the locker room. That’s something we fans have no way of knowing and may be the deciding factor in this competition. I’ve always said Burrow is more an Urby-style QB than Haskins. That may do it for him but I’m happy with either guy. What a nice problem to have.

  7. I’m more than happy with either choice, but if it’s Haskins, Burrow will not be on the roster in August. You don’t wanna give the job to Burrow because you feel like Haskins has less of a chance to transfer. We need both of these guys this year. As great as Tate is, he’s still a ways away as a passer. If #1 goes down, #2 has to be able to perform at the same level and Tate just isn’t that yet..

  8. Joe Burrow is doing everything humanly possible yo make the decision a clear one for the coaches- in his play and by being more transparent than any of the coaches have been about this starting job. Whatever happens, I wish him the best. What more is he supposed to do?

  9. Joe Burrow is a class act. I first saw him while officiating high school football. His accuracy is amazing….his leadership unquestioned….his fierce competitiveness and heart are matched by his humbleness. He is a leader.
    Based on what Joe has said there is no doubt that he will transfer if not awarded the starting position which he has earned. Last year had he not broken his hand, Joe would have been the back up to J.T…..he could have easily gone into the game against the team up north and done what Haskins did or even better.
    I cannot help but think of how everyone raved about Cardale and his heroics by bringing home a Natty. Cardale was given the starting job at the beginning of the next season and stunk up the field. Could Haskins be the next Cardale?
    Congrats to Joe on graduating early…if you are passed over (no pun intended) find a school and a coach that will truly appreciate your talents and abilities.

    1. Excuse me, Cardale Jones never lost a game as starting quarterback for tOSU so your characterization stinks.

  10. Well Tom Orr you wrote the article so I have to ask you, and I know it is a difficult question, but if you are the head coach for OSU and you have to make the decision this weekend – Who is your starting QB?

    I hope Joe Burrow stays, but I can not blame him if the job is not his and he leaves. Football players want to play, and he might only have two more years to play this game.

    Question for my fellow Buckeyes. Do you feel comfortable if Tate is our backup QB in 2018?

    Will like to know every ones opinions on McCall after watching the spring game. I know it is just spring, but man I want him on the field.

    GO Bucks!

    1. The cool think about Demario McCall. He was really first introduced to Buckeye Nation extensively in real games.His explosiveness was on full display live before it was ever produced during where Spring superstars practicers are born. McCall is the real deal and easily one of maybe 3 or 4 explosive offensive players on the Buckeye roster. START the young man ahead of Roberto Duran.

  11. Thus the reason the coaches all earn Big Bucks! Who gets the nod and plays come September will prove one thing AGAIN — need TWO QBs of top quality every year. Tate is really a year away!

  12. Joe also threw for a combined 238 yards. His completion percentage was just above 68%. His closest competitor was Dwayne threw for a combined 120 yards at just over a 47% clip.

    Maybe in another scrimmage the script was flipped, but today was live in front of the camera’s and the fans.

  13. Well, if today was a big grading point for the staff, it’s a no brainer. Joe Burrow will lead the Buckeyes in 2018. He moved the ball well and was by far the more accurate passer (above 60%). Way better legs than Dwayne, but not in the same ballpark as Tate’s legs. But flipped, Tate isn’t in the same ballpark as either of Dwayne or Joe’s passing arms.

    What I saw today was Joe Burrow proving he has a better passing arm than both of his competitors. Stronger as well.

  14. You can’t go wrong with either Burrow or Haskins, but just from how each handled interviews, I rather hope Burrow is the choice. To me he sounds more like a leader and less of a ‘me-first’ sort. That said, whatever choice the coaches make will be more on what we, the fans, haven’t seen much more than what we have. Go Bucks and best of luck to all 3 QBs

    1. I totally agree. I’m with Burrow all the way.

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