2018 NFL Draft Profiles — J.T. Barrett, Marcus Baugh, Chris Worley

J.T. Barrett Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Inside the Pylon is a fantastic annual NFL Draft resource that provides more information and breakdowns than you could ever hope to use. If you are a draftnik, it’s a must. The information in this NFL Draft profile comes from their annual draft guide, which is now on sale. The information below is only a portion of what is available for hundreds of players.

The three profiles below will wrap up our 2018 NFL Draft profiles. There is no guarantee that any of the three will be drafted, hence the abbreviated breakdowns.

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J.T. Barrett, Quarterback | 2018 NFL Draft Profile

Ht: 6-1
Wt: 224
40: 4.70
Bench: DNP

Year 1 Projection: In most situations Barrett is a practice squad quarterback. In some limited offensive systems, such as Carolina, Barrett could challenge for a backup spot.

Year 3 Projection: Barrett will need some development but in the right situation he could become an upper-tier backup by his third season.

Scheme Fit: Barrett has the arm talent and velocity to operate best in a downfield passing game that utilizes some Spread and RPO concepts to take advantage of his athleticism and ability to throw on the move.

Best Traits:  Experienced quarterback with a lot of big stage games under his belt. Very active in the pre-snap phase. Athletic quarterback who shows solid footwork on his drops, while playing primarily from the shotgun and/or pistol formations. Very proficient in the RPO passing game, and his best moments from a processing speed standpoint come on those designs. Fairly elusive in the pocket with good play strength to shed would-be sacks in the pocket. Can make full field reads when asked. Shows the ability to manipulate third-level defenders, which would be a plus for a downfield offensive system.

Worst Traits: Play and Processing Speed on non-RPO plays is a big concern. Will stare down routes and route concepts and have open receivers but will be much too slow getting the football out of his hands. He needs to be much faster with his reads if he is to have a successful NFL career. Footwork good generally but can get sloppy if he is pressured or is flustered in the pocket. Despite the ability to make full field progression reads he does tend to drop his eyes and look for an escape route as the internal clock starts ticking.

Chris Worley, Linebacker | 2018 NFL Draft Profile

Ht: 6-1
Wt: 238
40: 4.86
Bench: 15

Year 1 Projection: He will compete for one of the final roster spots because of his ability to function at all three LB spots and cover kicks.

Year 3 Projection: Core special teamer and flexible LB that will provide depth at multiple positions in base and sub-packages.

Scheme Fit: 4-3 Front that is responsible for defending One-Gap vs the run.

A four-year letterman and Butkus award candidate who started 24 of 49 career games.  In 2017, he made the switch from OLB to MLB; missed three games due to a sprained right foot.  Worked his way back into the starting line-up to finish the season as the starting SLB under defensive coordinator Greg Schiano.  Contributes to the special teams phase by covering.  He has good height, weight, a burly frame with big arms and solid athletic ability.

Exhibits good football intelligence, shows the mental capacity to play multiple positions throughout the game as a starter or in the immediate rotation.  Demonstrates the ability to quickly decipher run pass options, by keying and getting to the correct ball carrier.  Displays the instincts to slip OL blocks vs Zone runs, flattens angle to stay square down the line of scrimmage.  Displays explosive power to knock back RBs upon contact and force fumbles in high leverage situations.  He can leverage his run fit aligned outside the tackle box, displays patience from slot alignment on the backside, defending runs that Bend back across the formation.  Front side range is solid vs Outside running plays, shows the foot speed to give chase with an inside/out pursuit.

Man coverage is good, he can defend High percentage routes vs RBs/TEs.  He can carry #2/3 WRs into the Deep levels; coupled with good ball skills to track/break up passes.  He can be deployed as a Spy to track dual threat QBs.  Exhibits the ability to blitz off the edge, avoid cut blocks and force inaccurate passes.

Displays marginal play strength when engaged with OL; becomes glued to the blocks and a non-factor.  He does not fully close his assigned gap fit vs Power runs, which enables OL to force him out or run him by and create running lanes.  Makes poor decisions in the field of play and accrues unnecessary roughness/holding penalties.

Overall, a LB who shows the flexibility to function at all 3 LB spots in a 4-down front that leverages One-Gap vs the run.  He can cover RBs/TEs/WRs in the Short, Intermediate and Deep passing levels.  He does not show the strength at the point of attack to strike and shed OL.

Marcus Baugh, Tight End | 2018 NFL Draft

Ht: 6-4
Wt: 247
40: 4.81
Bench: DNP

Primarily aligns inline and occasionally in the Slot. Has very good height and muscular frame, with solid athletic ability with solid straight-line explosion and quickness, marginal change of direction and lateral agility. Shows good ability on scramble drills to fight back to his quarterback and present himself available and uses his elite play strength to fight for extra yards after the catch.

Good mental processing on Curl route vs Zone coverage to sit it down with appropriate depth between him and the LB. Shows solid ability to catch the ball within the strike zone, with good ability to go down to adjust to the low ball. Elite Zone blocker due to his elite play strength and very good competitive/mental toughness, where he uses his long arms to win the chest plate, engage, gain leverage and drive/steer all defenders backwards with either one or two hands. Shows very good ability to get to the 2nd level, where he locates his assignment, engages, and steers them away.

Lacks the change of direction, lateral agility, suddenness, and elusiveness to make people miss in the open field after the catch. Marginal mental toughness in the pass game, where he does not make a difference to catch the ball on 3rd down or late in game. Back-up Y tight end that can really excel in 12, 13, and Jumbo packages in a run-oriented offense due to his elite ability in the run game and very good ability in pass protection. Very raw in the passing game with an awkward gait, lack of explosion, COD, and later agility to be relevant in the passing game.

Projection Year 1: Has to make the team as a 2nd TE due to his ability to excel run blocking and pass protection in Heavy/Jumbo Personnel.

Projection Year 3: Low ceiling, lacks the overall athletic traits to be much more than a #2 tight end in a run-oriented offense.

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  3. Very interesting analyses. I think Marcus Baugh will improve his offensive moves if he can stay healthy and get on the right team. With the Buckeyes, he often had to compensate for getting a late throw or an inaccurate throw and did not have time to make any moves.

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