Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘We’re not quite sure who that is’

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Tackling the Issues at Hand

Every year people get excited for Ohio State’s spring game. It’s the first opportunity to see the latest edition of the Buckeyes, after all. The anticipation builds and builds, until finally the game begins. And that’s when people remember that there is no tackling for most of the game.

Then comes the grumbling from the stadium.

Why don’t they tackle from the outset? Urban Meyer has a good answer for that.

“We had a nice scrimmage in front of 50,000 people and I think it was very productive,” he said. “Obviously nowadays with the health of players, I think we’re doing it the right way. I know sometimes you get criticized because you start the first three or four sets of the scrimmage with just two-hand tag, but it’s just too critical and too fragile right now. That’s just the way it is.”

A New Man Emerges

One week ago, Urban Meyer stated that redshirt sophomore tight end Luke Farrell had emerged as the No. 1 tight end. Farrell had one catch for 15 yards in the spring game, and closed out camp still holding a spot that some were surprised to see him earn.

“Tight end, you noticed I pulled out Luke Farrell,” Meyer said after the game. “And as of the finish of spring practice, he’ll be the starting tight end at Ohio State. He had a very good spring. That’s as of now, I’m not making him a starter, but he’s earned that right, so we popped him. Jake Hausmann has gotten better as well. Rashod Berry suffered two stingers the other day. That’s why he did not play.

Up on the Corners

Ohio State was without sophomore cornerback Jeff Okudah this spring, which allowed second-year players Marcus Williamson and Shaun Wade to get more reps than they would have.

After the spring game, Urban Meyer updated the status of the Buckeye cornerback position, and it would appear that those reps for the young Bucks are paying off.

“We have a three-man rotation at corner right now with Damon Arnette, Kendall Sheffield and Jeffrey Okudah,” he said. “Okudah obviously with the shoulder, didn’t play, but we’d like to play three guys. There might be another pop in there if the young guys keep developing.”

Cause for Concern

After the spring game, Urban Meyer stood at the podium and gave a litany of depth chart thoughts. Or, in the case of the quarterbacks, non-thoughts.

Overall, he feels good about the current Ohio State roster, but he still has one major concern.

“The field safety is probably our number one concern on our team right now,” he said.

Presumably what Meyer meant was the boundary safety, as Jordan Fuller is the field safety and has been one of the Buckeyes’ best players this spring. At boundary safety, however, a mystery remains between sophomores Isaiah Pryor, Jahsen Wint, and Brendon White.

“We’re just not quite sure who that is,” Meyer said. “Jordan Fuller will be a starter. Who the other guy is, Coach Schiano and Alex Grinch, we’re going to meet probably next Wednesday and they’re going to give me a depth chart and we’ll go from there.”