Ohio State Teammates React to Joe Burrow’s Departure

Nick Bosa Tweet Joe Burrow Ohio State Football Buckeyes

It wasn’t just Ohio State football fans reacting to Joe Burrow’s decision to transfer. His teammates reacted as well, many of them doing so on Twitter and sharing their well wishes for the now-former Buckeye quarterback. Here is a collection of what the Buckeyes had to say as they wished Burrow well in his future endeavors.

Tate Martell responds to Bruce Feldman’s comments that the OSU quarterback room was close on the field and off.

K.J. Hill appreciates Joe Burrow.

It’s been an emotional last few weeks for Jerome Baker.

The guy who is now at the head of the table shows his appreciation.

Siblings send their best.

Nick Bosa sends his best in the only way Bosas know how.

Mike Weber is gonna miss Joe Burrow.

Stephen Collier says what we’re all thinking.


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  1. This really irks me. Joe Burrow is the obvious better qb in all phases of the game. Much better than Haskins. Meyer obviously wants to stick with his read-option and thinks haskins would be a better fit. He’s too stubborn to adjust to take advantage of Joe’s strengths. The mistake is that with Burrow, we have a legitimate chance for a nat champ; won’t get anywhere close to that with haskins. Haskins only cares about himself and will bolt at his earliest opportunity. I wish Joe well; he has NFL potential so I hope he lands in a place that will give him the opportunity to get there.

  2. Love all the Haskins haters! I think they will be trying to scrub their words when Haskins leads the Buckeyes to another great season.

  3. I’m not sure Urban asked him to go – so, it was ultimately Joe’s decision, right? All I can piece together from winter through spring, if you give a defacto ultimatum, you have to be prepared to get called out on it. So, why many hating on THE coach? SMH

  4. Urban blew this. Burrow was the real backup for jt. He broke his hand and lost his job. That should not happen. He pulled the same crap with cardell and jt after he broke his ankle. That really worked out and cost us big time. Then jt had to come back in and save several games. Neither qb could get their MOJO back that season. Meyer got involved, promised him the job and cost cardell a 1st or 2nd round pick. You all thought cardell was great after the championship run. He wasn’t. He was a backup with no pressure, nothing to loose. We all love him for that run. A starting qb has so much more responsibility and leads his team on a daily basis, on and off the field. Jt had that, not cardell. I saw the same thing in this situation. Burrow has been a leader, waited his turn, has the respect of his teammates on and off the field. Haskins comes in, does a good job in a critical game against an average michigan team and you all think he’s great. That pass he threw between 2 defenders, a great catch by the way, after he stared down the receiver, could have went either way and we loose the game, and we would not have this situation where the true starter (my ohio qb) is leaving. He’s not a coward, you dope, he’s an nfl qb as you will soon see, he had to leave to show his talant. Haskins has it all in his favor, every receiver back, a top ohio state team to back him up. Burrow will have to start all over, different offense, on a mediocre team, to show he should be a qb at the next level. He’s got big balls, and that’s what a real man does when it all works against him. I’m pulling for you joey, I respect your decision. Meyer, you just saw the man leave that we were all waiting for. A qb that can run and pass for a change. I better not hear this year when Haskins throws many interceptions and we loose, ” this is going to sting alittle”

  5. HATE TO SEE JOE GO. he has always been a winner. now we have a haskins that is scary. How could u let this happen urban. Going to be a long season. No chance of a NC with Haskins. Big mistake. What ever happened to home town boys and buckeye pride for home grown talent. He is a passer not a want to be. Harbau is licking his chops. He wants to beat the bucks with there own QB.

  6. What a shame!!! Class kid!! Big Mistake URBAN turning the reins over to Haskins. He will be gone after next season. Then what do you have, a kid who can run but cannot pass. Hope we get Grant Gunnell in 2019 and Jack Miller in 2020. Haskins is a thrower, not a passer. Tries to show off his big arm. Very disappointed. Haskins is a typical recruit from out of state who is not a “True Buckeye”, just there for the notoriety the “Buckeye Brand” will get him. BIG BIG MISTAKE URBAN!!!!

    1. Haskins is going to be the starter for THREE years. Get used to it……And support the man who BEAT Ichigan last year and had enough confidence in himself to stay put at THE OHIO STATE, and trusted in his ability; instead of leaving town and his home state to play elsewhere because he feared he wouldn’t be the “man” and GAVE UP and transfered like Burrow. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, coward. GO HASKINS!!!!

      1. “greenwolfe”–you’re an absolute moron…..pretty classless on your part….the coaches probably indicated to Burrow he wouldnt start–which is a BAD choice imo by the coaches as Burrow is superior in throwing, running and leadership qualities over the other qbs, although Haskins is really good too of course…..but it’s fans like you and your lame posts that make other OSU fans look bad ….Burrows wanted to start somewhere and SHOULD be at OSU so i cant blame him much sadly even though personally I’d want to stay a Buckeye…the coward here is you with your fake name dude.

    2. Your personal attack on Haskins is unwarranted and classless. I think all signs are that Burrow is solid…but at the end of the day we lost a QB who has been a back up so far his entire career, has never started a game, and has only played in mop up duty and never played in a remotely meaningful or pressure filled situation. Anointing JB as indispensable is ludicrous. I hope he does well wherever he goes…but there is no way to know how good he is or isn’t. You’re acting like he will be named the 2018 First Team All American QB. All we do know is he never started here.

      1. Simple question….which game did Haskins start? None! Did he pull one out his backside against the team up north? Yes. Was it a good pass or did the receiver make an even better catch!

    3. I just lost brain cells reading this comment. Wow.

    4. I’m not from Ohio. Does that make me an untrue Buckeye despite my support for all things OSU?

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