Two-Minute Drill: Meyer Talks Haskins, Campbell, NCAA at Job Fair

Ohio State Football Job Fair

COLUMBUS — Ohio State held their sixth annual job fair for student-athletes on Friday in the Huntington Club at Ohio Stadium.

Football and basketball players met with representatives from over 50 companies from a variety of business sectors. Companies such as ESPN, IMG, JP Morgan Chase and Co., Limited Brand, and DSW were present.  

The student-athletes came with resumes and business cards in hand, with goals to refine their skills, build connections, and prepare for life after football.

The job fair was an idea of head coach Urban Meyer and it has grown each year since its existence.

Meyer met with the reporters at the job fair and here are some highlights from what he had to say.

+ Meyer started out by talking about the new NCAA rule changes. He said he was a fan of the new NCAA rule that allows redshirt freshmen to play four games in a season. He called it “a good rule” and said that he is glad they did it. They had a 30-minute conversation about it on Friday.

+ Meyer also talked about the new transfer rule. “I think it’s good,” he said. He also said he’s not a big fan of transfers because it is an easy way out, but he is a big fan of the graduate transfer rule after they fulfill their obligations.

+ Another rule Meyer addressed was the kickoff rule change. He said CB coach Taver Johnson ran through all of the different options they have at kickoff on Thursday. It was another long meeting about that earlier this week. Meyer said, “we’re very unique on our kickoff style. So it’s going to be interesting to see teams’ philosophy against us.”

+ As of now Meyer expects their kickoff style to remain the same, but he said that is his baby and it is still TBD.

+ The quarterback situation was also addressed. He called it a big “unknown” despite his confidence in the abilities of the players. There’s a lot of newness in the quarterback room. Meyer reiterated that J.T. Barrett again was a “phenomenal leader” so there is a void to fill.

+ Tate Martell will have a chance to compete for the spot and compete for playing time, but Dwayne Haskins was officially declared the starting quarterback.

+ The receivers were called out as very strong leaders on the team. That unit has been working with and helping Dwayne Haskins from a leadership standpoint.

+ LSU quarterback and former Buckeye Joe Burrow was also brought up when Meyer was asked about that conversation. Meyer said that Burrow is “a Buckeye forever” and they wish him well.

+ Meyer said the idea of the annual Job Fair has exceeded the vision that he had. He said the idea all started when his daughter was recruited, and there was no talk about getting a job after acquiring her college degree.

+ For next year’s Job Fair, Meyer said he had some “cool plans” to take it to the next level.

+ A reporter joked about putting up a starting quarterback booth at the job fair that put up a few laughs.

+ “Elite” was the word that Meyer used to describe fifth-year senior H-back Parris Campbell. “Elite person, elite worker. Very, very talented, so I expect him to be exceptional.”

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  1. Given the new QB situation makes me think of what Coach Saban did and would Coach Meyer do the same in a title game? My main complaint about Haskins was/is his leadership – I feel he at least comes across as a ‘me first’ type of guy. Tate Martell reminds me of every little guy who was told he couldn’t all his life and carries that chip on his shoulder in a way that makes him a leader that people would go through the fire for.
    I do NOT wish Dwayne any ill BUT if it came to it in the title game and he struggles I know that I’d love to see Tater get a shot because I think he’d never back down and get the job done.

  2. If Paris Campbell can catch balls deeper than 7 yrs from the line of scrimmage and run something other than a shallow crossing route he has a chance to be damn good…has to learn to play out wide. Otherwise, he is a solid college player.

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