Urban Meyer Report To Be Released Next Week

Ohio State Football Urban Meyer at Ohio State Buckeyes Practice

Ohio State just announced that the investigation into Urban Meyer and his role in the Zach Smith situation will be completed on Sunday.

However, you will have to wait a little longer than that to find out what Meyer’s fate will be.

After Sunday, the investigators will prepare a report on their findings and present it to University officials, including the Board of Trustees.

The time and date of that meeting has not been announced yet, but the University is required by law to notify the public 24 hours before it happens.

The full release from Ohio State is below.

The independent working group directing the investigation involving Urban Meyer announced today that the investigation will be completed on Sunday, as planned. The investigators will then prepare a report for the working group to be delivered next week.

Following receipt, the working group will share the report with the Board of Trustees in an executive session to be held next week. As required by law, public notice of the meeting will be released at least 24 hours in advance. Following deliberations with the board, and appropriate time for consideration, President Michael V. Drake will announce his decision.

Ohio State’s Board of Trustees had formed a special, independent working group to direct this investigation. Former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson serves as chair of the working group. The investigation is being led by former Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Mary Jo White. White is a senior chair with the national law firm Debevoise & Plimpton and is also a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Additional details will be shared next week.

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  1. Glad this is about over. What a total waste of time and money not to mention the beating urban has taken in the media. The old saying that no good deed goes unpunished has to be ringing loudly in urbans ears every day. Anything short of firing urban will have the court of public opinion and national media in a frenzy. What worries me is that drake wont have the balls to stand up to this noise and he will take the chicken shit route to escape it. One saving grace for urban is probably the fact that drakes buddy Gene Smith did know and to save Gene he has to keep urban. Plus the university has about 40 million other reasons to keep urban. Have the balls Michael Drake to put Urban back on the sideline unless the EVIDENCE proves otherwise.

    1. Seems to me kinda funny that Gene Smith is on vacation for 2 weeks, just my take!

  2. his has been a total joke from the beginning. Urban Meyer did nothing wrong. The Powell Police Never charged Smith, and refused to release the report to the investigative group because he was never charged. Courtney Carano’s family have all come forward saying she is crazy (stole Zachs car keys, tried to run him over with her car, block him from leaving the house, etc., all witnessed be her OWN MOTHER. Gene Smith called Zach Smith back from a recruiting trip to answer for the 2015 “incident” which proves Meyer followed protocol since his “superiors” were aware of the situation (why Gene Smith is not on paid leave is a mystery to me). What was Meyer to do? Tell Gene Smith to call the Powell PD and urge them to arrest Zach? Was he supposed to fire a coach over a “he said, she said” marital issue. Was Meyer supposed to be their marriage counselor? These are private matters that are between Zach and Courtney ONLY! And if firing was warranted, Gene Smith had the authority to do so over Urban Meyer. What we have is a disgruntled ex-wife whose husband (who is no saint!) lost his cushy 400k a year job, so her substantial alimony and child support payments were ready to take a nose-dive. She got her attorney who collaborated with a scumbag of a so-called journalist (ex-ESPN go figure) McMurphy to go after Ohio State and paint a picture that somehow Ohio State and Coach Meyer were complicit in covering something up that never resulted in ANY ARRESTS, CHARGES, OR RESTRAINING ORDERS. She is looking for good ole money honey. Once a formal criminal trespass charge was issued in July, Ohio State took proper action and fired Zach Smith..end of story! And now Courtney, Mcmurphy, ESPN, and her attorney are in desperation mode now that their “story” is blowing up before their eyes, bringing to light hideous stories of sex toys being ordered at the Woody Hayes center, and Zach postng Pictures of his penis at the white house bathroom…And yeah, I am sure Urban was the one who took those pictures too right? Urban Meyer DID NOTHING WRONG, and what this creepy woman has done is ruined the season and reputation of the University and the football program, and the reputation of one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport! If President Drake fires Urban Meyer, then Meyer should SUE THEIR PANTS OFF in addition to him getting his guaranteed 38 million in salary. Also, Meyer and Ohio State should sue Brett McMurphy and Courtney Carano……Sorry honey, but you ex will never coach again (good riddance), and you better get your resume ready and find a call center job to feed your children…McDonalds pays 15 bucks an hour now! And if Bernie Sanders wins in 2020, that might go up to 30 Dollars an hour….Say goodbye to the Dollar menu…….GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like the straight talk from James Mills. Yep I live up north, but born a buckeye and never looked back. What a shame to put this team through. Why isn’t the A.D. being investigated? He’d throw anybody under the bus to save his bacon. I vote for Archie for A.D.

    1. Archie would have my vote in a nanosecond, but, I think he rather enjoys the role he’s currently in.

    2. I see that those comments you liked have been scrubbed by someone who found them chasing him/her to playdough land, complete with puppies and pacifiers, because they touched where they live and what they represent. PART of the rot that can’t stand the truth when they look in the mirror.

      1. They were scrubbed because the message contained a physical threat and a pair of homophobic slurs.

        1. Which is exactly what I said. When people kneel at the altar of political correctness, they become social parasites and cowards who fear the truth. BYE.

          1. I don’t know what truth you are telling when you call somebody a “queer” and a “homo” and threaten violence, but you do you.

            1. Must have hit too close to home……………..

              1. Yes, it hits close to home in regards to human decency. I deleted your comment because I don’t know what decade you’re living in when your anger leads to you randomly lashing out about somebody’s sexual orientation and your desire to commit violence upon them.

  4. And, if Urban reported like he said he did, then all this waiting has been unnecessary and completely ridiculous. It’s gone beyond stupid.

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