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Accost the Field — A Fond Farewell to the Ryan Day Era

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr take a quick look back at the TCU game and some of the stories that came out of it. They pick the best thing and worst thing that they saw at the game. Then the talk turns to the stories of the week, particularly Urban Meyer’s press conference on Monday and whether or not this is the end of non-football talk and the start of all-football talk. The guys then continue talking — if you can believe it — football. Safety concerns, linebacker questions, and the greatness that is Dwayne Haskins. All of this and a whole bunch more.

The Rundown

+ Banter.

+ If you want our recap of TCU, here it is.

+ The great is now routine for Dwayne Haskins.

+ Will Dwayne Haskins have a 400-yard passing game this season?

+ Haskins is already throwing NFL passes.

+ The Nick Bosa injury.

+ Bosa looked almost devastated.

+ We are not doctors.

+ What do the Buckeyes do without Bosa?

+ The Best Thing from TCU.

+ Haskins’ best attribute from Saturday — his recovery of the bad snaps.

+ Greg Studrawa was a happy man after the game.

+ Jordan Fuller is like an All-American left tackle.

+ The Worst Thing from TCU.

+ Strong safety is still an issue.

+ Ryan Day is the Dwayne Haskins of acting head coaches.

+ Ryan Day isn’t going to be here much longer, is he?

+ Where does Ryan Day rank among assistant coaches over the last 20 years as a head coaching commodity?

+ Urban Meyer to Notre Dame, Brian Kelly to Ohio State, Ryan Day to…?

+ Urban Meyer’s ESPN interview and the Monday press conference.

+ Everything that people wanted to ask, pretty much got asked.

+ There are plenty of people who will never have their minds changed.

+ Monday was Meyer’s best moment since this whole thing began.

+ The text message question has been answered. Hallelujah!

+ Just think of all of the opinions that were formed based on the text message passage in the report.

+ And those people don’t care about the actual explanation.

+ Urban Meyer is moving into a game manager’s role and is okay with being less involved with the offense.

+ Meyer sounds so sad when talking about the Buckeyes going away from the QB run.

+ How long will Meyer remain hands off of the offense?

+ Brian Snead is back practicing.

+ Robert Landers is probable.

+ Meyer said the linebackers have played very well this season.

+ Tony feels dumb about football.

+ Shaun Wade is in the safeties room, but not at strong safety yet.

+ This is a mistake probably.

+ We’re not writing off Isaiah Pryor, but competition would be a good thing.

+ Isaiah Pryor is going to have a huge week against Tulane.

+ Time for the Tulane breakdown.

+ That’s enough of the Tulane breakdown.

+ Listener questions.

+ Is the TCU offense the best shot the Buckeye defense will take this season?

+ What about the Michigan offense?

+ Will the defensive ends maintain a true rotation without Nick Bosa.

+ How was Ohio State not prepared for TCU’s trick kick off?

+ What is the over/under on number of QB power runs this weekend?

+ We might see some QB powers as a welcome home gift for Urban Meyer.

+ Things could get emotional.

+ When will somebody ask Urban Meyer about Bill Davis?

+ Any changes at safety this week?

+ What’s the deal with the 2019 recruiting class?

+ Are the defensive problems due to schemes brought in by Alex Grinch?

+ Ryan Day as a head coach in waiting.

+ How’s that offensive line playing so far?

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