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Accost the Field — Instant Reaction from 77-31 Over Oregon State

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss Ohio State’s 77-31 win over Oregon State on Saturday. The show was recorded immediately following interviews on Saturday, but due to the rain it had to be recorded in a tunnel during a downpour with the random forklift driving by. The dynamic offense is discussed, as is the less-than-dynamic defense. What went wrong? What did co-defensive coordinator Alex Grinch have to say? What did the coaches and players think of the performance after the game? What did Tom and Tony think? Was the defense really as bad as it looked? All of that and more.

The Rundown

+ This is our Facebook Live postgame show that we are also recording for the podcast.

+ What could there possibly be to be upset about from 77-31?

+ Dwayne Haskins looked great, but the four times he was pressured, he only made two decent plays.

+ That’s the only time he looked like a first-time starter.

+ He looked like he was in complete control.

+ Tony thinks Oregon State was Maryland for some reason.

+ Ten offensive touchdowns from all different directions on offense.

+ Mike Weber looked like the better running back.

+ But next week that could be J.K. Dobbins, and that’s the great thing about it.

+ This was the very best of Mike Weber.

+ What was wrong with J.K. Dobbins?

+ The jet sweep is back! But for how long?

+ Ryan Day wanted to play 10 receivers, and we think he did.

+ The offense put up 70 points without average days from Parris Campbell and J.K. Dobbins.

+ The offensive line looked good.

+ Thayer Munford held up very well.

+ Isaiah Prince’s tackle was the defensive play of the game.

+ And now to the defense.

+ If you take away the long runs…

+ Antwuan Jackson had Pierce wrapped up and let him leave for 80 yards.

+ Buckeyes were missing their two best players in the back seven, so this wasn’t the Ohio State defense yet.

+ There are still concerns.

+ Every scholarship defensive linemen played accept for Malik Barrow and Javontae Jean-Baptiste, right?

+ There was no rotation in the back seven, which is an indicator of a clean delineation of trust.

+ Tuf Borland had a difficult day sitting out for most of the game, but he needs to get back.

+ The issues at middle linebacker seemed glaring.

+ Might be time to revisit Justin Hilliard instead of Baron Browning.

+ Is the TCU game now going to be a shootout?

+ Tuf Borland and Jordan Fuller get their teammates in the right places — was that missed in this game?

+ Isaiah Pryor had been practicing at free safety most of the week.

+ Confirmation bias!

+ There were no questions about the Ohio State front four.

+ Jashon Cornell flashed.

+ Tyreke Smith was inside on the Rushmen package.

+ Enjoy the Quadruple Steak at Beef and Chugz!

+ No Nick Bosa or Dre’Mont Jones in the second half may have had something to do with Oregon State’s 17 points.

+ Tony’s really not trying to excuse the defense, but there are legitimate reasons for giving up so many points.

+ What does this mean for Rutgers?

+ Alex Grinch said this defensive performance was not up to the standard at Ohio State.

+ There is plenty to watch and improve upon for the players and coaches.

+ Where was Binjimen Victor?

+ The defense isn’t as bad as it looked.

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