Five Predictions — Rutgers at Ohio State

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Some people think you can just roll out of bed and start making predictions about stuff.

Yes, those people are correct, but their tone is really condescending and I don’t much care for it.

I’d prefer they show a little bit of respect to those of us who actually wake up, scuttle over to our desks, finish off last night’s Mountain Dew, and then start predicting things.

Just because I make this look easy doesn’t mean it is easy.

Take last week, for instance. I went 3-for-5, but one of my misses involved a player — Jordan Fuller — who was a late scratch. Should I punish myself for predicting a player would do something in a game in which he didn’t even play?

Of course not!

But for the sake of transparency, I’ll go ahead and take the loss, knowing that it will be a rare occurrence this year.

Here’s last week’s predictions.

1. A true freshman will score a touchdown.

Outcome: Nailed it. Freshman running backs Brian Snead and Master Teague both scored against Oregon State.

2. Pete Werner will have a tackle for loss.

Outcome: Nailed it. Not only did he have a tackle for loss, but it was a sack that forced a fumble which Nick Bosa turned into a defensive touchdown.

3. If the rain allows, the Buckeye offense will have at least 275 yards rushing and 275 yards passing.

Outcome: Nailed it. The rain did allow it, as the Buckeyes ran and passed for over 300 yards on their way to over 700 yards of total offense.

4. Parris Campbell will have at least one play of 40 yards.

Outcome: Failed it. The jet sweeps didn’t break big and the only deep pass to Campbell was from 33 yards out.

5. Jordan Fuller will have an interception — or at least have it in his hands.

Outcome: Failed it. But it wasn’t my fault. Jordan Fuller’s faulty hamstrings will make predictors take notice in the future.

Weekly Total: 3-for-5
Season Total: 3-for-5

I’ll be honest, I feel like I could just go with these five predictions again and do pretty well. Maybe I’ll just stick with these five all season long.

Or maybe not. Let’s find out.

1. Binjimen Victor will catch a touchdown pass.

Binjimen Victor was targeted once last week, and it came on a throw where both he and Parris Campbell were busy blocking. This week, expect Victor and Dwayne Haskins to be on the same page at least once in the end zone. Victor has now gone four games without a touchdown, which is the longest stretch of his career (in games in which he has played). It is time for him to get back on the good side of things, provided the weather allows a single forward pass.

2. Tate Martell will be responsible for a touchdown.

Tate Martell completed 3-of-4 passes for 33 yards last week and ran the ball twice for four yards. He led the Buckeyes on touchdown drives on two of his three full drives, but those two touchdowns went to the running backs. This week it is time for Martell to either score himself, or throw a touchdown pass. I will also gladly take credit for him pitching to somebody who then runs into the end zone.

3. Baron Browning will have at least six tackles.

If this game is going to be a mudder, the Buckeyes are going to need their middle linebacker. And if the conditions aren’t going to be good, then I doubt we’ll see too much of Tuf Borland as he tries to build up his “pitch count.” Browning had four tackles last week, but we should expect a better performance this week in his second career start. Rutgers ran the ball 46 times last week. I don’t think they’ll get up to that number in this one, but if they do, then Browning will be a very busy sophomore.

4. Chase Young will get a sack.

According to Pro Football Focus, Chase Young pressured the quarterback nine times on 18 pass attempts. I’m sure some of that is screen passes where Young was left unblocked, but he was just a second away from getting to the quarterback a number of other times as well. His biggest problem last week was getting beaten to the punch by Dre’Mont Jones, Nick Bosa, and Pete Werner. This week, however, he should get his. That is, of course, assuming the earth isn’t swallowed whole by the promised deluge of wet death.

5. The offense will have four plays of at least 33 yards.

I don’t know how many of the 33-yarders will be via the pass, but I’m pretty sure none of them will be of the deep throw variety. J.K. Dobbins is due for a big hit, and Mike Weber is always on the verge of busting a 50-yarder. Parris Campbell has been quiet so far and that will only last so long. Then there’s also Tate Martell’s 58-yard touchdown run that’s coming in the fourth quarter. Should the game be postponed due to rain and flooding, all predictions shall be declared correct because there will be no way to prove that they were incorrect.

6 Responses

  1. Not sure I’d count out the deep game, Gerd, especially with a Scarlet Kuh-nigget CB out. If the rain doesn’t spoil the start of the game I’d expect a deep shot or three to test the backup.

  2. I wondered how you would finesse the Fuller issue. You probably should have taken extra credit for Werner’s triple play, or the ground rule double on Freshmen scoring. I would have taken 6 for 6 with last week’s results. You are just too modest.

    1. My modesty is one of my biggest faults.

      1. Nope you don’t get a ding for the Jordan Fuller “no show.” He tried to go, but had to be scratched. You’re 3 of 4 on the season. Not a bad start.

  3. Really sticking your neck out there this week, eh Tony?

    1. Everybody starts the season with cupcakes!

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