Don’t Tell Mom, Thayer Munford is a Starter

Thayer Munford Ohio State Football Buckeyes

At Ohio State, when a player has officially earned a starting position, his position coach calls his family to share the exciting news. It has always been an emotional moment for the parents.

Sophomore left tackle Thayer Munford’s mother didn’t quite get that same experience, but her special moment was still filled with emotions and tears nonetheless.

“Let’s say this, she didn’t know. She didn’t know that I was going to start,” Munford said when asked about his mother’s reaction.

Munford asked offensive line coach Greg Studrawa not to call his mom to tell her that he was going to be a starter this season. He wanted it to be a surprise for her on game day.

Against Oregon State last Saturday when No. 75 ran on the field with the first-team offense, it was quite the pleasant surprise for Munford’s mother.

“When we ran out of the tunnel, I actually looked up in the stands and I saw her bawling her eyes out,” Munford said.

“I looked up and I was in game mode already so I was like ‘I can’t cry right now’ because I’m an emotional person. So it was like ‘Wow, I’m actually doing this for her. Nobody else.'”

Munford had difficulty putting the feeling of being a starter and seeing his mother’s reaction into words, saying simply that he was numb.

“To be honest it was just a great experience for me,” Munford said. “I’m blessed to have that starting position. I’m just doing it for my family, I’m just doing it for my mom, and doing it for the people that ever doubted me.”

Some first starts are better than others and Munford had one of the best. He kept his quarterback upright and helped lead the way for over 700 yards of total offense. In fact, Munford performed so well that he graded out a Champion.

It was a day to be proud of for Thayer Munford, and certainly a day for his mother to be proud of as well.

“She was still crying [after the game],” he said. “She was still crying after that.”

Special moments are what Ohio State players and their families live for.

Munford made his first start as a Buckeye a remarkable one for both himself and his mother, and it is a moment that neither will soon forget.

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  1. He’s a terrific young man and his mom sounds like a sweetheart.

  2. Yeah, I remember when my mom watched me make my first start as a Buckeye… NOT!
    So jealous! 🙂
    Great story.

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