Two-Minute Drill: Rutgers’ Chris Ash — 9.4.18 B1G Teleconference

Chris Ash

Rutgers head coach Chris Ash spent a few minutes on the Big Ten Coaches Teleconference on Tuesday. He spent that time talking about his team and the progress they hope to make this week. Ash knows this is going to be a significant challenge for his team. He also spent some time talking about the Buckeyes and the challenges that they present.

Chris Ash

+ “Feels good to be 1-0.”

+ Ash learned a lot about his team last week, but this week is a challenge against a great football team.

+ It remains to be seen how much better he feels about his competitiveness when it comes to Ohio State. He’ll know more after the game. He believes his team is better than it has been previously against the Buckeyes, but he’ll know much more after Saturday. “We’re just eager to go out and measure our improvement.” It will be a good measuring stick to see how much improvement they’ve made over his three seasons.

+ Freshman quarterback Artur Sitkowski will be facing a challenge against Ohio State. He faced challenges last week against Texas State. This challenge will be different because it’s on the road and it’s Ohio State. “We’re hoping that he’ll do just fine. It is a different animal.” There will be more speed at the defensive line. He doesn’t know how Sitkowski will handle it, but he believes he’ll be ready to play.

+ Raheem Blacksheer is very quick and elusive on offense. He makes a lot of things happen. Very similar to what Curtis Samuel was for the Buckeyes in 2016. “That’s the type of player that he is for us. We’re going to lean on him to do a lot of things for us.”

+ Dre’Mont Jones was recruited because they thought he was going to be a really good played, and that’s what Ash sees on film now. It took him some time to find his position, but he is playing now at a high level.

+ Is there an advantage for Rutgers not having Urban Meyer on Ohio State’s sideline? “Well, considering that he wasn’t there last Saturday and they scored 77 points, no I don’t see that as an advantage.” It takes a lot more than one person to have a great game plan and to execute. He doesn’t expect anything different in terms of preparation and execution this week in Meyer’s absence.

+ On Ohio State, “I see nothing different” than what the Buckeyes have been in the past in terms of talent. It’s a program that really believes in its culture and it’s running itself to some extent.