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Accost the Field — A Change is Gonna Come

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr give the best and worth things they saw from the Purdue game. The first part doesn’t take so long. They then get into the bigger issues at play for the Buckeyes and what Urban Meyer had to say on Tuesday about attacking those issues. Will personnel changes be in the works? Schematic adjustments? Yes to both, at least that’s what should happen. There is plenty more discussed as well.

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The Rundown

+ Go listen to our Purdue recap here.

+ Urban Meyer gets the blame for the loss and the credit for Purdue’s win.

+ The Big Ten had to get better or else Urban Meyer was going to leave everyone behind.

+ The best thing we saw.

+ The worst thing we saw.

+ Same as it ever was.

+ The red zone issues were bad.

+ Is a fix coming?

+ They need a fix that doesn’t involve a running quarterback.

+ Ohio State only goes with rock and gets surprised when paper beats them.

+ Jeff Brohm enjoyed Ohio State’s linebackers.

+ The Buckeye defense plays right into opposing offenses’ hands.

+ Austin Mack is out.

+ Now what?

+ Parris Campbell should get a look at X.

+ There isn’t enough time to change schemes or back up the linebackers during a non-bye week.

+ Back those dudes up.

+ Did the team quit because they disagree with what they’re being asked to do?

+ This was not a smart or focused team on Saturday.

+ This is an immature team, just look at the foolish penalties.

+ The 2015 class has been a disappointment in production and leadership.

+ Would Ohio State be 8-0 with Joe Burrow starting at quarterback?

+ Joe Burrow wouldn’t make the running game much better with this offensive line.

+ Revisiting the O/U of two personnel changes following the bye week.

+ Something needs to change on the offensive line.

+ Let’s see what new blood on the interior can do.

+ It’s impossible to have faith that any other linebackers would be better.

+ Making a change on the interior also sets OSU up for next year.

+ Moving the linebackers back a bit is good, but they still need to tackle better.

+ Bill Davis has had two years. We have a pretty good idea of what he is now.

+ Will there be changes on the coaching staff after the season?

+ The focus now needs to be on beating Michigan.

+ If the running game fix does not involve Dwayne Haskins on the field, then OSU has already lost.

+ Did the offensive coordinators not have a complete understanding of Meyer’s offense when they decided on Dwayne Haskins?

+ Tony gives his Dwayne Haskins background theory.

+ Dwayne Haskins has been a drop-back quarterback his whole life and you can tell by the way he slides.

+ He looked great on the run against Michigan. What happened?

+ Let’s rank Urban Meyer’s Ohio State teams.

+ Tony likes the 2013 team and doesn’t like the 2015 team.

+ Tom likes the 2015 team and doesn’t like the 2013 team.

+ Tony knows he is alone in his rankings.

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[Accost the Field is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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