Nick Bosa Withdrawing from Ohio State to Prepare for NFL Draft

Nick Bosa Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State has released a statement that junior defensive end Nick Bosa intends to withdraw from school in order to continue working on his rehab from core muscle surgery last month and also to prepare for the 2019 NFL Draft.

There were growing rumors that this was the direction things were headed. Urban Meyer was asked on Monday if he expected Bosa to return this season.

“I believe he’s flying back up there tomorrow to get rechecked, I’m hoping,” he answered.

On Tuesday, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Bosa told the Ohio State coaches on Sunday that he was done.

Here is OSU’s statement in full.

Nick Bosa Intends to Withdraw from School

He chooses to focus on rehab and training

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State football program will no longer realize the talents on the football field of All-American defensive end Nick Bosa, who decided this week he intends to withdraw from school in order to devote more time to his rehabilitation and training efforts. Bosa, a true junior from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was considered by many as the top player in college football this year before he sustained a core muscle injury against TCU. He had surgery Sept. 20 and no timetable was set for his return.

“I was hopeful that Nick would be able to return to play again for us,” Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said. “I know this was an extremely difficult and emotional decision for Nick and his family, and I wish him well as he moves on to get himself 100 percent healthy and ready for his next chapter. I want to thank Nick for the remarkable efforts he gave for this program. He is a first-class young man who we have been honored to coach.”

Bosa was dominant in his three starts this season for the Buckeyes. His 6.0 tackles-for-loss, totaling 43 yards, ranked 10th nationally at the time and were accumulated in only about three halves of football. His four quarterback sacks – third-most nationally through Week 3 – included a strip sack of TCU quarterback Shawn Robinson that resulted in a fumble and an Ohio State touchdown in the hard-fought win. He also had recovered two fumbles, one for a touchdown against Oregon State.

Bosa had tied his career high in tackles – five – twice in the first three games of the season and was leading the team in tackles with 14 at the time of his injury.

From St. Thomas Aquinas High School, the 6-4, 263-pound Bosa played in 30 games during his Ohio State career. His statistics were remarkably similar to his brother Joey’s stats through 30 games:

§  Joey had 34.5 tackles for loss and Nick had 29.0;

§  Joey had 21.0 quarterback sacks and Nick had 17.5; and

§  Joey had two fumble recoveries and two touchdowns and Nick had two and one, respectively.

Each brother was named a first-team All-American and a Big Ten Conference Smith-Brown Defensive Lineman of the Year. Joey earned that honor twice in addition to being named the Big Ten’s defensive player of the year. He was the No. 3 overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft (Los Angeles Chargers).

The Bosa brothers played in 71 Ohio State games between 2013 and 2018. Ohio State was 63-8 in those 71 games and 40-3 against teams from the Big Ten.

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  1. It was an honor to watch Nick play…he played the game with desire,skill,and at a level most 5 star recruits wish they could. Sad to see him go, but Mr. Bosa, you earned your opportunity to reap the benefits of your hard work. It would have been miraculous for him to come back 100% and not get injured again. Best of luck in all you do. Gave us some plays to really cheer for, as did Joey….Great kids…

  2. I was hoping with enough millions of dollars floating around in the family, he might take a little risk, but I guess he wants his own millions garanteed.
    Good luck.

  3. Realistically, Nick Bosa hasn’t been able to train as usual to keep in top form. Even if he were to resume regular workouts, he would have to ease into them to ensure not suffering re-injury or a new one. So it’s not likely he would have been anywhere close to his old self until the very end of the season – if that.
    So his decision is fully understandable, even though as Buckeye fans we’d love to see every Buckeye play every game of their eligibility. But then again, we’re not the ones putting in the hard work, countless hours of practice, weight training, etc. Not to mention attending classes and trying to maintain grades at the same time.
    The same goes for Haskins, if he chooses as many suspect to leave after this year for “the next level” and the big bucks it offers.
    Best of luck to Nick. Hope he makes a complete recovery from his injury, rounds back into form and goes early in the draft. Maybe he’ll get picked by the Chargers so he and brother Joey together can terrorize opposing QBs!

  4. I wish I could say I’m not disappointed but I am. Its time for all of the “other” 4-5 star dudes to show us what we hope we know about them. For Mr. Bosa – best of luck – the only thing you didn’t accomplish that Joey did was win a national championship. I wonder if the Buckeyes made it to that game would he decide to play? Anyway – OH!

  5. Completely understand. Can’t further risk his future. Got to get the money when you can.

  6. good and good luck indeed. you worked all your life to go pro and that is your first priority. and let this be an example to anyone who critisized any player who sat out a bowl game. players should use sports, not let sports use you.

    1. This situation is different from sitting out of a bowl game to prevent an injury. Nick had a pretty serious injury that required surgery and has not been cleared to return to the field. That is a huge difference. He is doing the right thing. I am against healthy players who chooses to sit out of a bowl game.

  7. Yep, next man up, the DL did well when he left against TCU. Blessings and thanks for some really good games with us.

  8. I wish the NFL would let players graduate before they get there stinking hands on them. Hate the NFL. Don’t watch it any all any more.

  9. I really enjoyed watching the Bosa brothers play for the Buckeyes I have been following the Buckeyes for 50 years and they are 2
    of the best I have seen.Good luck Nick and get healed up and have a great NFL career it was a pleasure watching you!

  10. Best of luck to a truly fantastic young man and an equally fantastic football player. The short period of time he was at Ohio State it was really fun watching him work. Good luck Nick, and God speed every step towards your future.

    You’ll be missed.

  11. I hate to be an “I-told-you-so” but I called this the moment he got hurt. Muscle injuries are tricky and in the core is like the worst of arm or leg tears – it just takes too much time to heal.
    I’m guessing the docs told Nick that they just didn’t know and couldn’t if he’d heal enough to play this year but if he went too early the damage could be life-long. Can’t blame him for taking the safe route when the information is just too scant to risk an NFL career on.
    I wish him well and “Next man up!”

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