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Observations, Videos from Tuesday’s Men’s Basketball Practice

Ohio State Basketball Buckeyes Value City Floor

COLUMBUS — The Ohio State men’s basketball team held an open practice on Tuesday for The Columbus Sportsmanship Club.

In what used to be known as the annual Agonis Event, the Buckeyes practiced for about 45 minutes before senior guard Joey Lane introduced the team to the crowd and then head coach Chris Holtmann took some questions from those in the crowd.

This was my first chance to see this team, and it was a limited viewing window.

The first period of open practice was rebounding drills as there was a five-on-five halfcourt game featuring assistant coach Mike Schrage as a designated shooter from the deep elbow.

There was a lid on the rim which meant that every shot going up was going to have to be rebounded. It was an incredibly physical drill, though Schrage just stayed back and waited for the ball to come to him.

The second session featured some five-on-five full-court action. It was pretty clear that Wake Forest transfer Keyshawn Woods has integrated himself into both the offense and defense fairly well in this, the 23rd practice of camp.

One of the first moments of the open session was Woods chasing and diving for a loose ball out of bounds that saw him take out about 10 seats in the front row. The effort was then quickly celebrated by the entire team as they ran over to help him up and applaud the form on his dive.

Here he showed some quick hands and nifty feet.

This was also my first time seeing freshman guard Luther Muhammad, who showed good patience and confidence on a behind-the-back dribble and jumper.

I think the thing that struck me most while watching practice was junior forward Andre Wesson’s shooting. Maybe it was just a good day, but he was on point with his three-point jumper for the entire practice.

And this was after getting hit in the face and losing a contact lends.

Sophomore guard Musa Jallow appeared to still have some work to do on his jumper.

Freshman guard Justin Ahrens has a quick release.

One very interesting aspect of the Buckeyes this year is that everybody on the team is going to have the green light to shoot threes.

You can get an idea of what to expect this season right here.

After practice, Chris Holtmann took some questions from the crowd. The Buckeyes take the court Thursday night at 7:00 pm against UNC Pembroke in an exhibition game. The game will only air on BTN Plus, which is an internet-only platform.