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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Michigan Monday Mailbag

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In this episode of The Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr answer listener questions about Saturday’s game between Michigan and Ohio State. Following Saturday’s 52-51 win at Maryland, questions about the Michigan game were solicited. As you might expect, the questions we received were of a particular tone. It turns out that Buckeye fans are a bit concerned. How valid are those concerns? Let’s talk it out.

The Rundown

+ The mood of the questions aren’t so light.

+ It’s not our fault.

+ Michigan struggled against Indiana, so there is more hope for OSU than previously believed.

+ Are both fan bases convinced that something terrible is going to happen?

+ That’s what makes this so great.

+ Let’s get to the questions.

+ How badly will Michigan’s tight ends abuse Ohio State’s linebackers.

+ Just make friends now with the bootleg to the tight end for 27 yards.

+ The linebackers could be in trouble against more than just the tight ends.

+ Has Ohio State’s defense performed best against offenses like Michigan’s?

+ The Silver Bullets have performed well against similarly-located offenses.

+ What does a “defensive stop” mean?”

+ Are you wanting to feel optimistic about something?

+ Michigan will do a lot of things that are well-suited to OSU’s defense.

+ Things get dark.

+ What should you be drinking before the game?

+ Why must Ohio State wait until halftime for adjustments on defense?

+ Is it time to move Greg Schiano back to the press box?

+ Will Terry McLaurin be okay?

+ You can’t go into the Michigan game without Mack and McLaurin and expect to be okay.

+ Guys are going to have to be damn near dead to not play this week.

+ Will the Michigan Wrinkle this year be defense?

+ Gotta pull out all of the stops this week.

+ It’s Time for War

+ How many defensive coaches will still be stealing $$$ next week.

+ Over/under on defensive coaching changes after the season is 1.5.

+ Let’s over/under the rushing total for JK Dobbins and Mike Weber.

+ How about 117.5 yards?

+ Does 175 yards between the two of them mean a win?

+ Would you rather have Everett Withers or Greg Schiano?

+ This defense would be unacceptable if it was Withers instead of one of Meyer’s best friends.

+ Which Michigan player would you add to Ohio State’s roster?

+ Are there any counters to the answer being Devin Bush?

+ Would it even matter if Bush was on this defense?

+ Why aren’t more players playing on defense?

+ Where is all of this talent that we hear about?

+ Are we going to see an increase in carries by Dwayne Haskins?

+ This is a fast Michigan defense, so a bunch of runs by the QB isn’t necessarily a good thing.

+ You can’t play cutesy field position this weekend.

+ Will Lee Corso be wearing the Brutus headgear this weekend?

+ If Herbstreit’s kids aren’t with him on the stage, then it’s all Michigan on Saturday.

+ Who do you think Desmond is picking?!?!

+ How far behind can OSU get and still win?

+ Would it be better for Meyer to tell his team that they likely aren’t going to the playoffs and that THIS game is their title game?

+ Michigan Week should have it’s own holiday music channel.

+ This week is just the best. Don’t dread it, embrace it.

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One Response

  1. Astute analysis, as always, gents. I was in lockstep with just about everything, though I semi-disagree with Tom’s assessment that Ohio State needs to run the ball, bleed clock and keep the defense on the sideline. If we’re winning in the second half, sure. But I don’t think Ohio State can come out on its first possession with the goal of establishing the run. Our O-Line is too weak, and Michigan’s rush D is too raw.

    In my opinion, Ohio State needs to spread Michigan out, play tempo, take some deep shots and stretch the field. If we can get up 7-0 or 10-0 and force Michigan to throw, we’ll have a chance. If we fall behind, the stadium gets quiet, Michigan is running right at us, and it’s an uphill battle.

    This is the game where I hope we see Tate Martell – and not just in the red zone. He is the X-factor. If by some chance we get up 10 points in the second half, I would love to see Tate come in and run read-option – and not just in the red zone. If he gets 12+ snaps, we’re winning this game.

    Also, look for Ohio State to run a screen to Dobbins on the first possession. We need to put that in Don Brown’s mind from the start.

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