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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Michigan Monday on a Wednesday

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of The Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about The Game. Topics include an outrageous guarantee from a Michigan running back, a look at the Wolverine defense, and a fairly solid overview of Saturday’s game overall. Plus listener questions, which are always fun.

The Rundown

+ We are as close to the game as we have been all year.

+ Karan Higdon boldly guarantees a win for Michigan.

+ The history of guarantees has not gone well, aside from Jim Harbaugh’s.

+ The outrage from Michigan fans following the guarantee.

+ Higdon had an out and chose not to take it.

+ Michiganplayerwhoguaranteesvictorysayswhat.

+ Why do the Buckeyes look so subdued during Tuesday interviews?

+ You don’t play the game on Tuesday.

+ It’s easy to answer questions without guaranteeing a win.

+ What did the Buckeyes have to say on Tuesday?

+ Nothing viral, so it was a success for OSU.

+ Does this have to be Ohio State’s best defensive performance in order to win?

+ Would it be best for OSU to just stay in a base defense?

+ Stay safe on defense and make Michigan earn every yard.

+ OSU’s reliance on field position may shift this week.

+ If the Buckeyes can run inside, then everything opens up.

+ Michigan fans are correctly concerned.

+ Other than the tackles and the interior, the Ohio State offensive line is looking pretty good.

+ Michigan has been giving up some rushing yards.

+ Michigan’s pass defense has put them near the top of total defense, but they haven’t faced any good passing offenses.

+ This is going to be a different animal for Michigan.

+ What is more important — OSU’s defense playing well or the OSU offensive line playing well?

+ If the Buckeye defense just doesn’t lose the game, they’ll have a fair chance to win the game.

+ We’re going Squatchin’.

+ The OSU defense has heard all season long how bad they were.

+ Sometimes they can be very good though.

+ Would it help the team if Urban Meyer was more stoic (like Jim Tressel) on the sidelines this Saturday?

+ We’re not addressing the rumors.

+ Worry about Michigan, not coaching rumors.

+ This is how your team will lose.

+ You need to get your mind right.

+ Listener questions.

+ Will there be a TV camera glued to Urban this week?

+ FOX will have a split screen during commercials probably.

+ What is the better potential bowl opponent: UCF or Washington State?

+ Rookie mistakes can be costly.

+ Why does Oklahoma get a pass in the CFP rankings and OSU does not?

+ Does Gene Smith do harm to Ohio State’s playoff chances by being on the committee?

+ How will OSU’s slot receivers matchup with UM’s safeties?

+ The final boss of Michigan’s defense is kind of easy.

+ Would you rather only have shirts two sizes too big or one size too small?

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