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Opening Lines Released, Ohio State Underdog to Michigan at Home for First Time Since 2004

Troy Smith Ohio State Buckeyes

For the first time since 2004, the Wolverines will come into Columbus and they won’t be the underdogs.

The opening lines for next weekend’s college football slate have been released and Michigan has been installed as a 3.5-point favorite over Ohio State.

Of course, the last time Michigan entered Ohio State as favorites, they left with a 37-21 loss tattooed across their winged foreheads.

The Wolverines were also favored in 1994 in Ohio Stadium, but the Buckeyes stifled Michigan all game long for a 22-6 win that year as well, which was the first over the Maize and Blue for then-head coach John Cooper.

The last time Ohio State was an underdog at home to anybody was 2011 against No. 12 Wisconsin. The Badgers were favored by 7.5-points over Luke Fickell’s Buckeyes. Led by freshmen Braxton Miller and Devin Smith, the Buckeyes came away with a miraculous 33-29 win over the Russell Wilson-led Wisconsin squad.

So while the most-important number to know in this story is the 3.5 points that Michigan is favored by this Saturday, the other numbers to know are the Buckeyes’ record at home the last two times Michigan was favored: 2-0, and the last time they were an underdog at home to anybody: 1-0.

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  1. We’ll be favored again… about 9 months!

  2. Yes John, i’m aware, just a little play on words lol

  3. You guys aware that it’s George Armstrong “Custer”, not “Custard”, right? Just checkin”.

  4. Just as General George Custard’s ego caused him to split his command before the battle of the Little Big Horn. DC Greg Schiano’s ego has split the Buck’s defense apart. And just as Custard’s scouts told him, he didn’t have enough trained men or command to face what was about to come upon them. This is about what is to happen to Schiano’s defense against TUN. And as what went down as Custard’s last stand , so will be Schiano’s.

    1. Interesting comparison however Custer did not only have a d army. OSU has both a d and o. Army. Custard lost away not too far from the large Native camp while OSU is at home.

    2. @Tom Stevens
      “I believe when they found the body of General George A. Custer
      Quilled like a porcupine with Indian arrows
      He didn’t die with any honor, any dignity, or any valor

      I believe when they found George A. Custer
      An American general, patriot, and Indian-fighter
      He died with shit in his pants!”

  5. Glad it’s only 3.5 and would have suspected it to be more. More significantly MI has not won at The Shoe since 2000 and there’s a lot of frustration and more important swagger that TSUN will bring to the the opening kick off. I see MI circling the wagons much like we did in 1998. However OSU is more talented and if we can contain MI in the first15 to 20 minutes it will become a street fight and anyones game.

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