Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer B1G Championship Game Teleconference

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Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer took part in Sunday’s Big Ten Championship Game coaches teleconference to preview next Saturday’s matchup with Northwestern. He provided updates on his team and the health of some players, talked a bit about the challenge ahead of this team, and also answered some questions about Saturday’s win over Michigan. Here are the highlights.

+ It’s an honor to represent the East “in arguably the best conference in college football.” It’s great to compete against a friend in Pat Fitzgerald.

+ Demetrius Knox is out. He has a foot issue. It’s a tough injury. It’s a tough loss for the Buckeyes. Wyatt Davis looks like he will start at right guard.

+ Meyer did get to enjoy the latter parts of the game yesterday.

+ Ryan Day has done one of the best development jobs with Dwayne Haskins that Meyer has ever seen. He’s always been able to throw the ball, but Day has helped mold Haskins as a leader. He has also gotten better at making changes at the line of scrimmage and handling protection issues.

+ Haskins has studied Kobe Bryant in terms of being a leader and competitor. The quarterback has to be the hardest-working guy and the most focused guy. Being a leader means that sometimes you can’t be friendly with your teammates. You have to get after them.

+ Wyatt Davis had fatigue issues early on and wasn’t as knowledgeable as they needed early, but he has grown in every area now and is ready to get on the field. He has unlimited potential because he’s talented, but also because he’s a great person and is tough. Those are characteristics of people who have good OSU careers.

+ Meyer hasn’t watched the defense from yesterday yet. The kicking game was outstanding. Coverage was elite. The effort was over the top and the blocked punt was great.

+ There are no thoughts on the playoffs right now, they are trying to win the Big Ten Championship.

+ The four offensive linemen on the bench who could be looked at this week are Josh Alabi, Josh Myers, Wyatt Davis, and Branden Bowen.

+ The mood in the locker room after the game was different because the week leading up to the game was different. The Buckeyes had so much respect for Michigan leading up to the game.

+ “We cannot see anything other than the same effort we gave [against Michigan.]”

+ Meyer hasn’t had a chance to study Northwestern yet.

+ Dwayne Haskins running the ball more keeps defenses contained. Just being a threat is all you need. Haskins has done a brilliant job of that these last two weeks.

+ Asked about the Tate Martell package down in the red zone, Meyer said he hasn’t been able to watch the film on that from yesterday. They will address it. It’s certainly not Tate’s doing. They won’t abandon it if they think it will work.

+ The young replacements this season have been instrumental in the success of this season. Chris Olave had two touchdown catches, but he did something more important than that with the blocked punt.

+ Teradja Mitchell is going to have a tremendous career at OSU.

+ The CFP has never impacted OSU’s preparation for the Big Ten Championship Game or their desire to win it.

+ It is very challenging to keep a team consistent because there is youth and injuries. When you’re a good team with good people, it’s a challenge you enjoy. When you don’t have good people, it’s miserable and awful. On the outside, people wonder “why’s this, why’s this, why’s this,” but there are weaknesses improving.

+ Parris Campbell is one of the fastest players in college football. The receivers were going against man coverage, and that was a big part of the game.

+ Wyatt Davis’ recruitment was unbelievable. He lived 15 minutes from USC. There are members of the USC coaching staff lives in his neighborhood. “That was one of the most enjoyable recruiting experiences I’ve ever had.” “He’s a finisher and it’s fun to watch him play.”

+ The offensive line has had a nice run. They have protected and run the ball well.

+ There is concern when you have to replace an offensive lineman.

+ The punt block for a touchdown is always a huge play and increases your chances of winning, and when it happened, he put that in the back of his mind and had the percentages running through his mind on what that play just meant.

+ The dialog on the offensive headsets throughout the game was fantastic. There were adjustments and conversations constantly.

+ Demario McCall is good enough to play at Ohio State. He has worked extremely hard and is playing at key situations in the game. “He’s very much involved.”

+ Certain areas of this team are good enough to compete with anyone in the country and other areas where they aren’t. Special teams, they can. Talking about a national championship isn’t where this team is right now.

+ Sevyn Banks got a gift on the punt block. Meyer saw him earlier on Sunday and told him it was a gift.

+ Five pass interferences is awful and they will address them. It requires practice and coaching “and having that not happen.”

+ Demetrius Knox may not be out for the rest of the season. Meyer will find out shortly. It is a lisfranc injury.

+ Shaun Wade can do anything they ask, he just needs consistency.

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  1. OSU better not overlook NW even though they open as 14 pt.favs. They led MO 17 to 0 at half and their O may present greater challenges than TSUN. Urban needs to make a greater statement this week. While were still on cloud 9, we haven’t seen this team put a great game back to back.

  2. Great game yesterday and I’m excited for Saturday. Was a bit confused about the use of the Martell package yesterday. When we used it before it was because our red zone efficiency had been so bad. But yesterday, Haskins was lighting it up and things just stalled out every time they switched things up. Not blaming Martell… But the play calling got very predictable and I’m not sure it was necessary given how well the offense was grooving.

  3. Meyer;s got to be excited about these young guys who all of a sudden are coming to the surface.

    Can’t wait to see the 2019 Buckeyes…….but first things first.

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