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Was 62-39 a Mirage Like Chase Winovich Says? Ohio State Responds

Last week, Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich was speaking with the media about whether or not quarterback Shea Patterson should return for his senior season. In the course of his reply, he expanded his answer to include what happened against Ohio State last month, and how that result should not discourage anybody from becoming — or staying — a Wolverine.

“I would say to any recruit or any potential guy that sees maybe what happened in the Ohio State game or is persuaded against coming here because of that, I would say that alone is a mirage and what we’ve built here is a powerhouse,” Winovich said.

“That’s the Michigan I’m leaving. A Michigan that is headed in this trajectory where the sky’s the limit.”

Winovich calling the results of The Game ‘a mirage’ sparked plenty of conversation, but he doubled down on his beliefs.

“We didn’t have our best game that day, obviously, I don’t think anybody wouldn’t say that,” he said.

“It wasn’t us. It happened. It is what it is and we’re going to look it in the face. It wasn’t us being way worse than Ohio State, we just had a bad day and they capitalized on it. Just like we’ve been doing, we’re coming back stronger and we’re going to remember this next year.”

On Tuesday, Ohio State’s prolific social media team finally responded to the mirage talk, borrowing a skit from Saturday Night Live to get the job done.

Check it out.

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  1. I don’t believe Chase will ever own a Mitsubishi Mirage, oh well his loss 😉

  2. I think “mirage” is Slovenian for “they done kicked our butts!”

  3. Chase Winovich got his ass kicked by a mirage. I think his hype was the mirage. Typical piece of Michigan crap. Shut up and go home, loser. Watch out for mirages.

  4. typical arrogant scUM excuse-making–OSU was clearly the better team and they gave scUM a BEATDOWN–..not because scUM “didn’t have their best day”–give me a break..and they wonder why the wolverweenies are the most hated school in the country…

  5. They took it up the pipe, again, so if it makes him warm and fuzzy let him dream on.

  6. Is it also going to be a mirage when Florida kicks their butts in the bowl game?

  7. Whatever team winovich goes to in the NFL, I bet there will be a buckeye or two to remind him about the 62-39 score and that he was a part of that team.

  8. It was an ass kicking, and it didn’t happen by magic. It happened because Ohio State is just a better team.

  9. The definition of mirage is something that appears to be there but really isn’t. The true mirage was Winovich in THE GAME itself. He appeared to be there…but where??

  10. Heck of a “mirage” that nocked Devin Bush and Shea Patterson out of the game…

  11. Enjoy the streak while you can guys. I grew up during the John Cooper era and I still have PTSD from those years!

    1. Buzz- then you have PTSD from TWO #2 final poll finishes, a Heisman winner, and a Rose and Sugar winner? Forgive me for saying so, I don’t think PTSD is what you think it is…I’ll take OSU’s “struggles” any day over UM’s.

      PS- it’s also been a really LONG “streak”, no question OSU has a choke hold in the head to head, bowl results, and national relevance for the past SEVENTY years when compared to that outfit.

      1. Buzz is right. You are discounting losing to Michigan year after year after year…#2 poll finishes? Lol! That’s no compensation. The Heisman and bowl wins didn’t make up for losing to Michigan either.

        1. Wrong again Calibuck, but thanks for playing…

    2. 2 – 10 – 1 versus 16 – 2. Pretty sure I know which I’d take.

      1. It will move to 17-2 following the game in 2019. To think about it in the context of the guys taking the field? NONE of those guys would be able to remember ANYTHING about this rivalry, except that the Buckeyes dominate, and TTUN just a tune-up for the post season!

        1. Love the optimism, James, but a couple things here: Haskins MAY go pro so we’d have a ‘rookie QB’. The Game is in the Big Outhouse. Patterson will come back because NFL scouts aren’t happy with this draft’s class with the possible exceptions of Will Grier and Haskins. Finally, neither Schiano nor Davis are gone yet. Let’s see how this plays out, eh?

  12. Mirage? That’s a bit arrogant for a school that’s been voted one half of one National Championship since most folks got indoor plumbing. Let’s face it, TTUN is a basketball school.

  13. These idiotic UM player comments perfectly capture why OSU folks should NEVER “root for them because they are in the Big 10” during bowl games, or during out of conference matchups, etc. I have heard too many OSU fans claim dislike for UM because of it’s “arrogance” toward others; however, that’s a misread and is too easy. The real reason to despise them is this sort of deluded nonsense. Some arrogant fans/teams at least have EARNED the “right” to be arrogant by ACTUALLY PRODUCING on the field. The UM outfit isn’t good enough to be truly arrogant. Try that approach on one of their numbnut fans the next team they start spouting their Alice in Wonderland script. We show them too much respect by continuing to comment, frankly…

  14. I couldn’t have said it any better, Kurt. Michigan is delusional after being beaten so many times by the Buckeyes. They think they’re a power, but what have they won lately … a BTN Championship, a National Title … what?

  15. For a team that has lost 14/15 games to its rival, then gets embarrassed on the national stage to its rival, then gets regulated to a bowl game against FL to see that as a ‘mirage,’ as MI is a ‘power house’ is THE true mirage. And, and, and this was the team that was to beat up its long bully and nemesis only to share that we didn’t play our best game is somewhat ‘delusional.’ For that team to give up 28 pts. would mean not playing their best game. For that D to give up 35-42 pts would be extending the belief of not having their best game. But, but to give up 62 pts and it could of been more goes to show that Winnovich is a homer and MI isn’t honest to make necessary changes to beat, or at least compete with OSU. As I told my family, when Dixon III, caught the ball wide open to extend OSU’s lead to 21-6, I knew we were going to win and they were outclassed. BTW, exactly how many times did Winovich hurry or sack Haskins? Enough said.

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