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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Is It a Mirage Or Is It Reality?

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In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about the week that was in Ohio State football. Five-star recruit Zach Harrison will be making his decision next week, so the importance of that decision starts the show. The fellas then spend a good amount of time on Michigan’s Chase Winovich calling the current state of The Rivalry “a mirage.” Coaching staff shakeup is also discussed and plenty of listener questions are answered.

The Rundown

+ It’s the 100th Episode.

+ Back in the day, there was only one podcast.

+ Zach Harrison is announcing next week.

+ New coaches stepping into recruiting battles.

+ This would be one heck of a stamp for Ryan Day.

+ Some things to know about Zach Harrison.

+ Harrison doesn’t like drama, so where is there less drama — Ohio State or Michigan?

+ Comparing the development of the Bosas and Rashan Gary as it relates to Zach Harrison.

+ Will Larry Johnson be here for another three or four years?

+ At one point does it become okay to fire Jim Harbaugh for losing to Ohio State?

+ Tom goes off on Chase Winovich’s “mirage comments.”

+ You gave up the most points in regulation in school history.

+ “The idea of Michigan as a national powerhouse is a fantasy.”

+ The number of B1G teams with undisputed national titles since Michigan’s last?

+ Even Maryland.

+ Maryland!

+ Daxton Hill and the Bagman.

+ Ohio State’s dominance over Michigan is the only thing in CFB that isn’t a mirage.

+ Michigan as the Mayans.

+ This is what Michigan is. These are their heights.

+ Ohio State is a jaguar, Michigan an impala.

+ Keep in mind why you are where you are.

+ The hiring of Brian Hartline was a good move.

+ Every receiver got better.

+ Hartline had the benefit of veteran receivers.

+ Having Dwayne Haskins as the QB showcased what he taught his receivers.

+ Dwayne Haskins is the Kenny Rogers of college quarterbacks.

+ The receivers will be fine next year with Brian Hartline.

+ How soon will there be coaching changes?

+  You won’t have to wait long.

+ What’s with Greg Schiano and Temple?

+ You can’t have uncertainty with the staff because of the early signing period.

+ Ohio State can get an assistant coach to come from somewhere else for more money and a lesser title.

+ Will Larry Johnson stick around?

+ Ryan Day wants a simpler defense, can Greg Schiano handle that if he is still around?

+ Greg Schiano wants to be a head coach again.

+ Could he take a step back in his role at OSU if that doesn’t happen?

+ Schiano walked into Chris Ash’s system and changed it.

+ Dwayne Haskins isn’t going to get a tree in Buckeye Grove.

+ How can this be rectified?

+ Maybe just give Haskins and Zeke their own statues.

+ The Heisman run-up fiasco with ESPN.

+ The Heisman is dumb and this isn’t a new opinion.

+ Heisman voters who put a defender third are lame.

+ If you want to win the Heisman, either throw the ball or run the ball.

+ Listener Questions.

+ Any movement on the Marcus Freeman front?

+ What is Ryan Day’s biggest drawback?

+ What way will Day lean when it comes to uniforms?

+ Over/Under on players leaving for the Draft.

+ Will Ryan Day be able to keep Alex Grinch?

+ What will be OSU fans’ annoying obsession this offseason?

+ What did Ryan Day learn as head coach?

+ Who are the leaders on next year’s team?

+ How did Ryan Day respond after the Purdue game?

+ Over/Under on coaches leaving?

+ Does Greg Schiano only leave for a head coaching job?

+ Will Ryan Day be able to stop the annual road spazzing?

+ When will the spring game be?

+ How many hotdogs and beers is an acceptable amount before the game?

+ #SoupChat

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