Dwayne Haskins Receives First-Round NFL Draft Grade From Advisory Board

Dwayne Haskins Ohio State Football Buckeyes Michigan

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins has reportedly received a First-Round grade from the NFL’s draft advisory board.

Underclassmen who are weighing an NFL draft decision can submit their names to the College Advisory Committee and they will return a likely draft grade.

One of three grades will be returned — potential first round, potential second round, or neither.

Haskins has appeared in the first round of many mock drafts for a while now, so this isn’t exactly breaking news. It is simply confirmation of what everyone had already expected.

As arguably the top quarterback in the draft, it continues to look very unlikely that Haskins will return for a fourth year at Ohio State. Haskins has not made his decision known, but expect something to come out one way or the other very soon after the Rose Bowl. The deadline for underclassmen to announce is January 15.

Junior safety Jordan Fuller was another Buckeye who submitted his name to the advisory committee. Junior linebacker Malik Harrison has had conversations about leaving, but did not submit his name to the committee. A source close to the situation has told The-Ozone that Harrison is expected to return for his senior season.

Defensive end Nick Bosa, defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones, and running back Mike Weber have already announced that they will be foregoing the rest of their eligibility and entering the NFL Draft.

Other players still waiting to make their decisions known are receiver KJ Hill, center Michael Jordan, and cornerbacks Kendall Sheffield and Damon Arnette.

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  1. Fuller, Hill, and Sheffield are gone. Most likely Arnette as well. Jordan is 50/50. Harrison is back. There will be one surprise departure as well. It is an eligibility issue. More to come after the RB.

  2. The college experience can never be replicated.
    Is life really just all about THE MONEY ?

    1. for a guy like Haskins, football is their profession…so yes, Primarily it is about THE MONEY. The same can be said for most of us who work for a living.

  3. Fuller needs to come back, maybe a free agent type player now

  4. Just saw where McShay has Dwayne going 10th just after Herbert from Oregon at 7th and he admits it would be a tossup betwixt the two.

  5. It is sad to see all these guys go and yet we couldn’t get in the CFP. If we had three DB’s good enough for the NFL, how could we give up so much yardage? Maybe we need to have some defensive coaches go to the NFL.

    1. Paul, that is what makes this so frustrating! Loyalty and personal friendships, most specifically on the defensive side of the ball, have kept this team out of the playoffs the last two years. Greg Schiano is a flipping joke, and Bill Davis is an utter failure at every stop he has ever made. The only reason the defense didn’t completely cave in 2016 with Schiano was because Fickell was still coaching the linebackers. Enter 2017 and 2018 and add in Bill Davis, and it’s not a coincidence that we start getting drilled by double digits against garbage opponents. That started 2 years ago! Those two performances (Iowa 2017 and Purdon’t 2018) were the unforgivable sins that kept us out, and the defensive staff was/is to blame. It’s quite a shame.

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