Nick Bosa Returns to Ohio State Football Practice (As an Observer)

Urban Meyer and Nick Bosa

LOS ANGELES — Former Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa took in the Buckeyes’ football practice at the Stub Hub Center on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills Friday morning.

Bosa hasn’t been with the team since October when he left school to focus on the NFL Draft. Bosa’s season was ended in Dallas during the TCU game where he suffered a core muscle injury.

Bosa arrived while the team was stretching.

He walked to the end of the field where the team was lined up and quickly joined the defensive linemen. He looked to be doing well, even getting down for one quick stretching drill before thinking better of it.

Upon joining his teammates, he went up and down seeking out particular teammates big hugs and some catching up.

He eventually found his way to the coaches, including Larry Johnson and Mickey Marotti.

Marotti essentially put Bosa in a headlock, perhaps trying to get him to suit up for one last go-round.

He eventually relented and let Bosa go.

Bosa then arrived at Urban Meyer. The two shared a hug and then stood talking to each other for a while.

After the stretching, Bosa spent his time with Marotti before the media was ushered out for the day.

You can see video of Bosa greeting his teammates below.

The first teammate to seek him out was linebacker Justin Hilliard. He was then joined by Pete Werner. Bosa then made his way down the line to, fittingly enough, his old linemates.

The footage is sometimes hard to see because it was shot on a phone and from pretty far away, but Bosa is the one in the light red shirt who is hugging people.

2 Responses

  1. Lisa- you are correct that it doesn’t matter what we think or say- it often doesn’t. So, my “valueless opinion” is that it was a weak move for Bosa to quit the team and leave in the middle of a season, when he was made Captain. He in no way should have “tried to play”, that’s not the issue- he should have stayed with his TEAM, gotten the quality rehab we all know he would have received, and fulfilled the role he was chosen to fulfill. People who have followed the team for decades tend to have players they miss or fondly remember, often for a variety of reasons. He won’t be one of them for me. He could have “looked out for himself”, “gotten his”, and all that other “me me me” stuff WITHOUT leaving.

  2. The love is still there from his teammates and coach that’s all that matters it doesn’t matter what we think or say. He had to do what he had to do for himself. I’m sure coach Urban Meyer gave him the okay along with the mentor.

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