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Recapping Hayes and Cannon’s Big Ten East Predictions

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After several important and emotional games of eeny, meeny, miny, moe, the Hayes and Cannon writers compiled their picks for each and every football game played by the Big Ten. Sure, we had to iron out the “my mother told me to pick the very best one” rules first, but then we were rolling right along.

Ok, truth be told, I don’t really know how everyone came to their choices. Nevertheless, the picks were made and now it’s time to judge and mock them all… along with my own picks.

Having just finished the Big Ten West recap, let’s dive right in with the Big Ten East and see how the Hayes and Cannon crew fared:

Adam’s Predictions


As the only person to predict that the Buckeyes would have a loss this year, you’d think I’d have earned myself a slight head start against my peers in this friendly competition. But, no! In selecting the wrong week for OSU to lose, I managed to get two picks wrong (both the PSU and Purdue games). Am I complaining about my own scoring system at the very beginning of my own write-up? Absolutely.

I’ll continue patting myself on the back and let you know that I was also the only person to have Michigan at a 10-2 record. I got one of the wins correct… obviously… but pegged them to lose to Wisconsin and not Notre Dame. Aside from that, my picks were in the ballpark for most of the games. The familiarity with the Big Ten East foes was apparent throughout the Hayes and Cannon picks, as you’ll see below.

Adam’s Big Ten East Prediction Record – 70-14

Brandon’s Predictions


Though we all overshot Sparty’s record in 2018, Brandon was closest to their win total. He also nailed Penn State’s and Maryland’s conference and overall records.

He homered an Arizona State pick over Michigan State that gained him a point and, like all of us, had Rutgers at four wins on the year. Apparently, putting any faith whatsoever in the Rutgers football program costs you at least three prediction points.

Brandon’s Big Ten East Prediction Record – 70-14

Chip’s Predictions


Chip’s a very nice guy. However, being the only one to foresee a Nebraska win over Michigan State, I’m recommending that he be tried as a witch.

Despite gaining the advantage there, his 8-4 record for PSU and 10-2 picks for Michigan State ultimately led to his downfall in the East Division selections.

Chip’s 82% prediction rate on this side of the conference was remarkably accurate, and, amazingly, the worst of the bunch. Apologies for the backhanded compliment!

Chip’s Big Ten East Prediction Record – 69-15

Mike’s Predictions


While I could run through here and go over what Mike got right, but it’d be easier to just pick the very few instances in which he was wrong. From week seven on, Mike only missed four (4!!) games. Of these, one was the debacle in West Lafeyette, of which we do not speak.

A second incorrect pick was the aforementioned witchcraft pick by Chip. As noted, the Cornhuskers unexpectedly beat Sparty in a cross-divisional pillow fight.

He attempted a home run swing on an Indiana over Iowa upset in a third missed pick. And, last but not least in those weeks, he had Wisconsin beating Michigan (we all did) to round it out.

Successfully calling 71 games out of a possible 84 is ridiculous. Well done, sir.

Mike’s Big Ten East Prediction Record – 71-13 

**Each person was awarded a tally in the win column for knowing that Ohio State is the best team in the conference (still) and showing as much in their title game picks.

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  1. The predictions were correct, however it’s the details that kill. While OSU blew out MI and NW, it was the terrible loss at Purdue and sub performance games in the middle of the season that cost them a slot in the CFB Play offs.

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