Ryan Day Term Sheet, Contract Details With Bonuses

Ohio State acting head coach Ryan Day

Ohio State has released the term sheet for soon-to-be-new head coach Ryan Day, who will be taking over for Urban Meyer following the Buckeyes’ appearance in the Rose Bowl on January 1.

Day’s contract is set to pay him $4.5 million per year for five years.

Base compensation comes in at $850,000 per year, but gets a significant bump via nearly $2.4 million for media, promotion, and public relations. He will also receive $1.25 million from apparel contracts

Day can also receive bonuses for certain achievements, such as $150,000 for his team having a cumulative 3.5 gpa.

In a rather unnecessary move, one of the bonuses has Ohio State agreeing to pay Day $50,000 if he were to win the Big Ten Coach of the Year Award.

If the Buckeyes make it to the College Football Playoff finals, Day will receive a $350,000 bonus.

You can check out the entire term sheet and the rest of the bonuses below.

5 Responses

  1. Wish Coach Day the best and he’ll need it following a legend. It would have been easier to replace Drake rather than Urban. You can just hear the noise if we lose several games next year. Day will have his hands full completing the class of 2019 because we only have 14 verbal committments with some fall off in caliber. Wonder if there will be immediate staff changes which could also affect recruiting. Help at linebacker and defensive back is imperative.

  2. Day will be as good as his defensive staff hiring will be and his offensive line coach hiring will be. In 3 years, it will be on top of the world or career dumpster. It’s his choice.

  3. I did not see any bonus for successful marriage counseling. He needs to renegotiate

    1. Spot on – Me Too. One thing that will be easy for Day to do is just say no comment or pass it onto legal and compliance. That’s the one area where Urban just couldn’t step away and it obviously gnawed at him.

  4. The post season is slightly different than what Urbans was, but, it’s also one helluva pay increase!

    Congratulations Coach Day.

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