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Five-Star CB Dwight McGlothern Asks OSU to Recruit Him, OSU Obliges

Dwight McGlothern Ohio State Recruiting Buckeyes

If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, consider Dwight McGlothern sufficiently greased.

McGlothern, a 5-star Texas cornerback in the 2020 recruiting class, took to Twitter Friday night to let Ohio State know that he would like the Buckeyes to recruit him.

Not long after that tweet, McGlothern received a phone call from Ohio State receivers coach Brian Hartline.

“He hit me up. I just got off the phone with him,” McGlothern told The-Ozone.

Once former OSU cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs left for the NFL following the 2017 season, McGlothern said that Ohio State went a little quiet in terms of recruiting him.

“Everything like switched after he left,” McGlothern said. “It’s been hard. I’ve been talking to [OSU recruiting director] Mark Pantoni some.”

The call from Hartline was two-fold. On one hand, Hartline wanted to explain Ohio State’s position on their relative silence, but on the other, he also wanted to let him know that he should expect to be hearing from them pretty consistently moving forward.

“He was saying that there was a lot of stuff to [why OSU dropped off],” McGlothern explained. “If you’re interested then they are interested. They don’t like to chase. We’re going to see from here how it goes.”

Basically, Ohio State isn’t going to go too far West if they don’t think there’s a chance of landing a particular player.

On Friday, McGlothern — the No. 4 cornerback in the nation per the 247Sports Composite — let Ryan Day and his fluctuating staff know that there is definitely interest on his part.

“Oh, yes sir. I’ve been waiting for them to hit me up,” McGlothern said. “It’s about time they do it, you know? I have never visited. I’m going to go soon.”

McGlothern said he could visit in the spring and thinks OSU would be one of his five official visits, whenever that might be.

His 7-on-7 team FAST Houston 7v7 is also scheduled to be visiting Ohio State eventually as well.

The schools currently on McGlothern’s mind the most are LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and now Ohio State.

Asked if he expects the Buckeyes to be in it for the long haul now, he replied, “Oh, yes sir, most definitely.”

What is it about Ohio State that intrigues him?

“Ohio State is very good academically,” he said. “They always win. They send people to the League. The tradition is great. It’s just different than almost any other college down south.”

McGlothern doesn’t expect to make a decision any time soon. There is no rush and he expects to take all five of his official visits.

Helping Ohio State’s chances here will be the fact that the Buckeyes don’t currently have any cornerbacks committed in the 2019 class. This was a fact that McGlothern was not aware of.

“Oh snap, they didn’t?” he said. “I didn’t know that. Yeah, that is a good thing for me.”

Because he is in no hurry, McGlothern will be able to gather information over the next year or so and make the decision that best suits his needs. One person who he will lean on for that information is 2019 Ohio State receiver signee Garrett Wilson.

The two have grown close through the camps and 7-on-7 circuits.

“It’s good that he goes there now so I’ll be plugged in with whatever I need regarding information,” McGlothern said. “And I would be there with somebody that I know.”

Because of his tweet, Ohio State now knows that Dwight McGlothern is interested, and so now the recruiting process between the two of them will truly get underway.

The plan moving forward is to stay in touch with Ohio State and get that first visit in.

And he owes it all (not really) to Twitter.

“Yes sir,” McGlothern said. “Today was a pretty good day after I tweeted that.”

[Dwight McGlothern photo courtesy | Ohio State Recruiting]

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  1. The announcers of The Rose Bowl pointed out an astonishing statistic, not one DB from OSU was on any of the three All B1G teams, and I believe that was from the B1G coaches. Of course, I would disagree, White and Okudah and even Fuller should of easily cracked that list. No doubt we lost a ton of first and second round NFL Debate drafts, but to have this happen from what is DB University, needs to change and explains why WA was able to give us a scare and other teams can light up scoreboards w/o much effort.

  2. hmmmm…Coombs leaves..recruiting 5 star corner stops…Grinch leaves..they start up again….and yes Johnson needs to step it up too–maybe 1 more year for him..glad Grinch is gone..

  3. There is absolutely no excuse for this but it sure explains some things. It’s time to see the darker side of Day and have him light some people up!

  4. Taver Johnson needs to step up his recruiting. Recruiting has slipped on the defense except along the defensive front since Luke and Kerry left, and that is showing up in miserable ways on gameday Saturdays.

    If Coach Day retains either Bill Davis or Greg Schiano that defense is going to continue to be poor in the back 7. 1 (or 2) strictly position coaches can’t fix what’s been broken all by themselves. They need new young hungry blood at linebacker position coaching, and at safety. One of whom should also be the DC. My vote immediately goes to Marcus Freeman. He’s a high caliber character guy who knows how things need to be done at Ohio State. He is a players coach because he IS 1 of them, and he’s an excellent communicator. Parents love this guy after the first visit he makes on the recruiting trail. Marcus will cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s on the recruiting trail for every position on that side of the ball. Guys like Dwight McGlothern Jr. has been on my recruiting sheet for over a year. It’s pretty pathetic that he’s been in no mans land for a full court press from Ohio State up to this point. Marcus Freeman will change that IMMEDIATELY.

    1. Unfortunately the longer it takes the more I worry Freeman isn’t being considered seriously. I agree it OUGHT to be a slam-dunk, but we shall see.

      1. Freeman is clearly a favorite to return. Day, Johnson and Johnson will have other superb connections from their history. I hope we land some of those coaches but an additional OSU player turned coach, as good as Freeman will nicely offset Day’s newness in the Buckeye Nation. This is a no-brainer.

        With a new strong LB coach/recruiter like Freeman, Schiano staying (another year or two) is welcomed. Face it, we on the outside can’t really know where the blame should fall for the 2018 D-eebacle. Schiano repeatedly proved his worth over decades. So, 1) we get Freeman and 2) Taver works out well, then the D should turn around. A repeat of 2018, and I worry we could be headed down the Meatchicken Highway straight to Mediocre.

  5. I can think of few 5 stars that I thought it was weird how Ohio State kind of have up on top quickly only to see them go to Alabama or somebody that was not the perceived leader and we had a couple of DBa in that category last year. I hope the new staff learns from this. I understand they can’t be 100% on everyone that might or might not have genuine interest in them, but when you’re dealing with the very top, you have to be aggressive and persistent. They know that.

    1. Wee – Alabama has deep pockets……….

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