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Versatile 2022 Athlete Terian Williams On Ohio State’s Radar

Terian Williams Ohio State Recruiting Buckeyes

As a true freshman, Terian Williams played in a handful of games last season for Parkview High School in Lilburn, Georgia. Playing both quarterback and defensive back, Williams proved a valuable reserve on both sides of the ball.

For instance, in a game later in the season against Meadowcreek, Parkview lost their quarterback and Williams stepped in to help lead the team to a 44-0 win. Williams (6-0 180) rushed for 73 yards and completed three of his four passes for 27 yards and a touchdown. He also had a tackle for loss.

It was in that game that he ended up on Tennessee’s radar. They were watching film of a target on the Meadwocreek defense, but couldn’t stop watching Williams. The Vols ended up offering. That was then followed by a Kentucky offer. Currently, those are the only two Power 5 offers for Williams, but that could be changing this spring.

Already on Ohio State’s radar, Williams will be taking part in an impressive double dip this spring as he competes in both The Opening Regional in Charlotte and the Elite 11. It’s a feat that the director of both events told The-Ozone was “pretty rare.”

Being a college prospect can be a fun experience for a lot of players. To be an elite prospect, however, requires an incredible amount of work.

“I put in work every day of the week,” Williams told The-Ozone. “I have track practice five days a week, and then on Mondays and Wednesdays I have DB training. Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday I have quarterback training. I love it. I love working out. It keeps my mind in the right state it needs so that I can succeed.”

Williams’ sophomore season will likely feature some type of quarterback competition or rotation, and possibly a starting spot in the secondary.

The taste that he got at quarterback last year, however, has him wanting more.

“It makes me want to be a quarterback more and lead my team,” he said. “Especially leading them through the games that I led them through. It makes me want to continue doing that and continue putting my best effort on the field for them.”

And while he wants to continue putting his best effort out on the field for all to see, he also knows that none of it matters if there isn’t the same kind of effort off of the field. Even as a freshman, Williams is making sure his grades are where they need to be so that college coaches don’t have the reservations that they may have with other players. It also keeps him from having to scramble for grades down the road.

“My Dad always tells us, ‘When you stay ready, you never have to get ready.'”

There hasn’t yet been any significant contact between OSU and Williams, though Ohio State has recently let his coaches know they are aware of him.

Williams is plenty aware of Ohio State, and will only continue to become more aware as he follows his friend Justin Fields’ journey as the Buckeyes’ newest quarterback.

“His dad and my dad used to work together, so we used to work out together,” Williams said of Fields. “We’re close. He’s somebody that I look up to because I see that he can get it done.”

While Fields’ college career is well underway, Williams is busy making sure he will have similar opportunities.

There is only a little bit of tape out there for Williams, but the combine circuit and some unofficial visits this spring will open plenty more eyes. He wants to get up to Ohio State, and Florida and Florida State have asked him to visit. A scheduled trip to South Carolina is also on the docket.

Williams isn’t sitting idly by and waiting for workouts and visits, however. He is active on social media letting coaches know about his invites and happenings.

“I think it’s important for coaches to know what you’ve got going on,” he said. “Even though some of them won’t look at it, I think it’s good to let them know what they would be bringing in. I think it’s important that they know I’m continuously working and continuously trying to get better and I’m always working on my craft.”

Terian Williams entered high school driven and focused. He runs track and works year-round on football. He makes sure his grades are where they need to be, and he spends time making sure coaches know who he is.

Williams has been presented with positive opportunities, and he is motivated to make the most of them because he owes it to those who have helped him along the way.

“My mom and dad put in a lot of work, so I don’t want to disappoint them,” he said. “And there’s other people like mentors and teachers that have put a lot of effort into me and they see a future in me, so if they see a future in me, then I see a future in myself. And that’s what keeps me going.

“My dad puts in overtime so he can pay for different stuff. He’s a police officer. My mom is always at the school and they’re always working overtime. He’s always taking off if he has to go somewhere with me to a camp, or he’ll find somebody that can take me to a school if he has to. He’s always just working and making sure college coaches know about me. He always puts me in a position to succeed.”

Now in that position to succeed — through his own hard work and that of others — colleges will continue to come calling.

Williams will also continue the work both on the field and off.

Signing date for the 2022 class is so far into the future that the calendars aren’t even close to being printed yet. Putting so much work into something so early could make some people impatient. Williams understands the recruiting calendar and also his role in making programs take notice over the next year or three.

“I wouldn’t say it’s hard to stay patient,” he said. “Of course I want it to come, but it’s all going to come in due time. I’ve just got to keep doing what I’ve got to do on the field, and I know everything else will take care of itself.”

Williams doesn’t have a dream school or one particular place he is holding out hope for. He is simply looking for the best combination of academics, athletics, and tradition.

“I’ve always liked Clemson, Ohio State, Florida, and Georgia Tech,” he said. “Those are some schools that I’m big on. I like their academics and I like the position they put their players in.”

And what in particular intrigues him about Ohio State?

“I love the rich tradition and the history with the Heisman winners,” he said. “They have a lot of national championships and high draft picks. They do a great job developing talent and preparing them for the NFL.”

There is still plenty of decision making to come for Terian Williams. Camps, visits, schools, and eventually he will have to decide what position he wants to play in college.

And if he ends up at Ohio State, would he rather be at quarterback or in the secondary?

“No preference,” he said. “If Coach Day needs me to sell popcorn I will.”

[Photo courtesy Terian Williams. | Ohio State Recruiting]

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